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The Pub and the People Launching The Lunch Monday in Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth — November 22, 2016 at 11:45 am 11 Comments

1648 North Capitol St, NW at R Street courtesy Pub and the People

From an email:

“Starting Monday the Pub will open at 11am every day. Lunch will be served until 3pm Monday through Friday, and Brunch as usual on Saturday and Sunday.

Also, we will be extending Happy Hour to 3-7pm and midnight-2am every weekday.

We have outlets at every bar seat and free WiFi if you want to work from The Pub.”

  • anon

    where do they get off stealing that much public space? there’s scarcely an inch of sidewalk for pedestrians. That’s not even remotely close the mandated 6′ from curb/closest obstruction required by law

    • That’s a patio – the sidewalk is not in the photo.

      • banananonymous

        Where do they get off making uninformed comments on popville^ =^)

        • tim

          have you seen the new normal with social media that helped elect Trump? “why bother checking facts when i can angrily type words??!!”.

          PS echoing other comments – Love the P&P, so happy this place is in the neighborhood.

    • Tom

      Unless they’ve expanded or the sidewalk on North Cap is blocked off or under some sort of construction, I recall there being a pretty decent amount of sidewalk space there. Angle of that photo doesn’t really show it well.

    • Anon


  • JRo64

    Chill, people. Take in my neighbors: Eric and his beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback, WalshWonders and the Notorious JLS. And my bejeweled arms are now famous. Unit block of S Street for LIFE!

  • Fritzadelphia

    I live directly across the street, and I have never seen any congestion on the sidewalk caused by the patio. There is congestion across the street at the flea market, but it does not seem to bother anyone. Besides, the Frankenstein statue outside the flea market is amazing.

    Setting that aside, it’s nice to see another lunch option open in the neighborhood. I like Big Bear, but sometimes it gets too packed. Plus, the men and women who run the Pub & the People are absolutely fantastic. See you early (and late) for happy hours.

  • Sully

    It is about time. All the restaurants on that street open at five. I pick up my daugher at 3 and could really use some options to eat at other that NY Pizza.


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