Washington, DC

Photo courtesy Smithsonian’s National Zoo


From the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on Sunday:

“Yesterday in the late afternoon, Mei Xiang and Bei Bei began to respond to each other’s vocalizations. Bei Bei actively climbed around his den so keepers decided to reintroduce Mei Xiang and Bei Bei to help him settle down. After an initial period of high activity during the introduction, Bei Bei nursed for 20 minutes and they both fell asleep. Bei Bei has successfully nursed three times thus far.

Overnight keepers provided Mei Xiang with bamboo separately from Bei Bei. Right now, bamboo would be too much for his digestive system. Keepers will continue to shift Mei Xiang away from Bei Bei to eat and then reunite them. As of this morning, Bei Bei has taken his medications, urinated well and both Mei Xiang and Bei Bei are happily sleeping in their indoor enclosures.

Our animal care team really appreciates your messages and well wishes for Mei Xiang and Bei Bei. We can’t do this work without you!”


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