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About that new Starbucks in Brookland, It is pretty dope!

by Prince Of Petworth — November 29, 2016 at 10:22 pm 25 Comments

655 Michigan Ave, NE

Over the summer when the Starbucks scuttlebutt was confirmed there was a lot of consternation from commenters. But I gotta say, having just seen it in person – it’s pretty damn dope. It’s one of those fancy Reserve Starbucks and I have to say the folks that worked there were incredibly nice. And the space really does look great:




  • Ben

    Wow – a Starbucks with an actual real, semiautomatic espresso machine?

  • JohnH

    Mmmm burnt, overpriced coffee. Yum.

    • Rich

      Before Starbucks, Washington. Had horrible coffee that tasted like dishwater.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Millions of people apparently disagree with you.

      • Anon

        That doesn’t mean OP’s wrong, however.

      • JohnH

        There’s a lot of things millions of people in this country do that I personally find questionable, particularly one thing this month…

  • dcd

    It looks dope? Do the kids say that (again) these days?

    • I’m 42 years old…

    • stacksp

      Yep. Dope is back

    • Dope is a perfectly cromulent word that embiggens the noblest of men…

      • textdoc

        Actual LOL!

    • skj84

      Dope never went away, says this 32 year old.

    • MadMax

      I never really stopped saying it, although I can’t imagine ever using it to describe a Starbucks.

    • Jaycee

      Want to watch your 11 year old kid roll their eyes…say it’s lit. That Starbucks is so lit.

      • dcred

        I think you meant “that Starbucks is [three fire emojis]”

        • Anon

          That ish is straight narcotics, yo

  • kwame

    Not usually a Starbucks fan but their reserve menu is pretty good although rather pricey. I’ve had the cardamom latte a couple times, its great. Staff is really friendly and efficient too compared to the Barnes and Noble cafe workers who are the worst.

  • n3

    The Starbucks in Takoma is pretty nice as well. I hate to say it, but we started going there more often than our local coffee shop. Mainly because my gf prefers Starbucks coffee to La Mano’s ceremony roasters beans (I don’t necessarily agree). Regardless, I wish Compass Coffee could just take over these Starbucks locations. Compass offers the best combination of GREAT coffee, comfortable space, local ownership and sustainable business practices. Can you tell I really like Compass?

    • neighbor

      Compas is my favorite too. I wish they were on every street corner. I hate coffee usually but I LOVE theirs.

    • PetlessInPetworth

      Love Compass. I like La Colombe a lot, too. Their draught latte is one of my favorite things AND also pretty affordable ($3.50 I think?) relatively speaking

  • anon

    (1) No one says “dope” anymore.

    (2) A Starbucks could never be dope in any case. It’s a STARBUCKS.

  • Victoria

    Dope never left. What are you new here?


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