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    I love this map.

  • Kit Kat

    THANK YOU! I’m going to plan my routes to bypass the Ginkos, ugh.

    • INWDC

      But make sure you go those routes when the trees turn color — they probably have one of the most amazing yellows of any tree (it almost worth the stink).

      • Kitkat

        I wish I could, honestly. I know they’re beautiful :/ But I’m too distracted looking at the sidewalk or watching out for cars as I walk in the road, while trying not to step on those pus globes, to notice any beauty above me, unfortunately.

  • MPLady

    Wow! Wonderful!

  • Green Monster

    I’m surprised Plane’s are only 4%. UFA seemed to be planting exclusively London Planes in my area.

  • Jim Hawkins

    Thank you for this. It made my day!

  • Kc

    This is really interesting as well as a stark reminder of the ease with which street trees could aid in addressing hunger in the District. Imagine if 1/2 of the landscaping trees were fruit bearing and any school child or homeless person could simply pluck off a plum, an apple, or other fruit! Victory gardens don’t have to end with wars, and streetscaping can be broadened to address social issues as well as environmental and aesthetic ones.


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