Tree Limb Destroys SUV in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2016 at 9:45 am 7 Comments


Thanks to Catherine (and everyone else who sent photos of the tree down in Kalorama Park on Sunday.)

A says: “No one hurt. (The car was parked.)”



Rob says:

“A large tree limb, broken by a gust of wind, demolished an SUV and damaged at least one other vehicle on 19th Street NW near Kalorama Park, this afternoon (Sunday).”

  • Anonymous

    Mother earth is on our side in the war on cars!

  • ATH

    Remember when all we had to worry about in Adams Morgan was snakes falling from trees?

  • Looks like an oak. There are many oaks around the city that were planted decades ago, poorly maintained or pruned, and are nearing the end of their lives. Around the corner from me on Hobart Street in Mt. Pleasant, many of the trees were “topped” with the branch stubs now dead and rotting. When I walk or drive around the city I see large, dead limbs overhanging sidewalks on many trees (not just oaks) in other neighborhoods. When these trees come down, entirely or in part, it can be catastrophic or even deadly.

  • bruno

    I have discerned this is why parking spots under large trees are always the last to fill up in woodsy neighborhoods. (Didja ever notice?)

    • jumpingjack

      Also because of the bird poop. There are several street spots under trees in my neighborhood that I call $13 parking spaces – my car will be so covered in bird poop after a night that I’ll need to pay for a car wash.

      • bruno

        A ha, yes. That poo, er, I mean too! :^)

  • ZetteZelle

    I’ve seen so many cars crushed by trees in my 20+ years in DC, I always ask when I buy car insurance: “Am I covered if a tree falls on my car?”


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