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  • Josh

    Bus shelter looks fine. I guess they just don’t make Jeeps like they used to?

  • dcduchess

    For some reason, people are always driving like idiots/speeding at this intersection.

    • Clarifier

      By “this intersection” you mean “in DC”.

      • Hill Denizen

        The intersection of Maryland and Virginia?

        • Well then

          I don’t think you have a good argument that cars don’t frequently ram bus stops, collide into buildings, flip over, and catch on fire at an alarming rate in DC.

        • TinlerTaylor

          Heh. I needed that at the end of a long week.

      • dcduchess

        hahaha…very true

        • bruno

          DC tags? Or MD or VA drivers?

  • damn

    You, bus shelter, are the MVP *slow clap*

  • samanda_bynes

    someone hit brunch a little hard.

  • Brett M

    Wow, the bus shelter is still in good shape. At least there’s one thing DC builds to last.


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