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  • textdoc

    Half of WMATA’s escalators are in a Supercan of deplorables.

  • Coal Oyl

    Hoping to win the fitness competition, metro employees took the stairs at work.

  • AnonG

    Escalator temporarily trash

    • dcgator


  • bje22201

    Eles Elevator Emporium Pop-Up shop opens on H Street. Post-Modern elevator parts, and reclaimed wood bedframes also available.

  • Herewegoagain

    The other basket full of deplorables.

  • ***


  • Mug of Glop

    Cone looks on, in muted desperation, as Steps are given the imminent death for which Cone has been impotently grasping as long as Cone remembers. Pallet’s condolences ring hollow.

  • Well, that de-escalated quickly.

  • Ben

    Not to be confused with SAFETRACK, DUMPSTERLATOR is a new strategy by WMATA to source parts for their failing escelators by dumpster diving throughout the city.

  • That One Guy


  • Anthony P.

    Metro’s Safe Elevator program starts today.

  • Alex

    “Escalators no longer have steps. Shuttle buses have been requested. We are sorry for the inconvenience” .

  • thomashailu

    Stairs? Where we’re going, we don’t need stairs.

  • karna

    Escalator Lives End Swiftly

  • andy2

    Hey Mitch, the escalators are not trash!

  • Stephen

    Getting off the train at Georgia Ave./Petworth? Take the new escalator. Literally.

  • Stephen

    When WMATA’s General Manager Paul Wiedefeld asked employees which steps they would need to take to fix the escalator, they took him literally.

    • Vered


  • Boredatwork

    To Rihanna’s Umbrella:

    You can’t walk up my Escalator
    (Ele ela eh eh eh)
    Up my Escalator

  • andy

    WMATA’s capital donation program was not going as expected

  • A basket full of deplorables.


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