No!!!!! Update: Whew!

by Prince Of Petworth October 20, 2016 at 9:30 am 33 Comments


Update: Reopened!

Erdem sends the devastating word this morning:

“So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan on Calvert is closed indefinitely due to food violations.”

Hopefully the issues are resolved very very soon as this place has some of the best and most moderately priced sandwiches in DC. I often rank it in the top 10 “hidden gems” of DC. Praying, yes, praying for a speedy resolution!

1831 Columbia Road, NW

  • BethPopville

    Please get well soon!

  • siz

    i love their sandwiches but i…can’t say i’m surprised?

  • I hope they get it together before flu season because they make great soup.

  • AsAMother

    I had walked by there for years and never saw anybody in there, but I decided to finally check it out after hearing what a hidden gem it was.

    I didn’t get it. They carried nothing special, I believe I remember it was Boars Head lunch meat. But the display case and shelves were rather bare, and the lunch meat was kind of over priced. On top of it, they refused to take my card, insisting on cash only. I had no cash, so I had to run a few doors down to the ATM.

    They weren’t a specialty store, and being cash only, I’m not surprised they’re closing.

    • OP Anon

      You don’t go there on weekend mornings. Always really busy from 9am to 1pm.

    • Bagel fiend

      You clearly don’t appreciate a good bagel when you see one. Cash-only doesn’t mean a place isn’t good :)

    • Joel

      Weekend mornings expect a 15 minute wait there for your breakfast sandwich. The place is packed. There are ATMs less than 10 feet from the door. it is literally next door to a BoA

      • Anonynon


    • They don’t carry anything special??? You can buy a hamantash the size of your face!

    • Anonymous13

      Ha you can see the ATM in the picture, if by “run a few doors down” you mean “walked one doors length to the left out the door.” You sound like a yelper.

  • OP Anon

    Love their iced coffee and the scallion cream cheese, but their eggs are GROSS. The texture is bizarre and they smell like noxious sulfur – wtf?

    • Chris

      Because like every other deli / bagel place in DC they MICROWAVE their eggs.

      I used to live around the corner and love So’s Your Mom. Good pastries, bagels, sandwiches. But always stayed away from the eggs.

      Please for the love of god can someplace in DC make a proper egg on a roll?

      • Ashy Oldlady

        Microwaving eggs is a pretty common practice in delis everywhere, even NYC. It’s quick and easy, and when they’re buried under a bunch of other stuff on a sandwich, it usually doesn’t matter. This place is a holdover from a different era. It lacks the gimmickry that seems to be necessary at newer places around town.

        • Ben

          I lived in NYC for 15 years and I have eaten god only knows how many bacon-egg-and-cheese-on-a-roll sandwiches during my time there. I never once saw someone microwave an egg. And I’d never have gone back if I had.

          I don’t know why DC doesn’t know how to make an egg and cheese on a roll but it’s literally impossible to get one made properly here. It makes no sense.

          • Thunder

            Try Market lunch st Eastern market.

      • sbc

        try K Street Cafe at 2000 K St. NW. I think they do a pretty good bagel egg and cheese.

        • CHSC

          Anywhere near Logan with good lunch bagel options? Have worked near here for about three months and nothing (I consider Bethesda Bagels and Bagels, etc. too far for lunch). Au Bon Pain is close, but so gross.

      • AdMo Resident

        You are so right! Microwaved eggs, gross! I was really excited to try this place, but I had to cancel my order once I realized what was happening. Bethesda Bagels is worth the extra 10-minute stroll for a proper BEC.

      • anon

        No roll, but Pumpkernickels Bagels on Connecticut Ave does a legit fried egg for your egg sandwich. Worth the trip. Yes, the owner is surly but damn does he make a mean bacon, egg cheese bagel

        • DCNATIVE

          Pumpernickels! Anytime I’m up in Chevy Chase in the morning on a weekend I will stop by there for an egg sandwich. Best in town as far as I’m concerned and they fry them up to order. Sadly they no longer sell their donuts which were also some of the best in town.

  • Erdem

    No bagels for you!

  • jaybird

    If memory serves Pops Seafood was closed recently for vermin infestation. Same block, same problem?

    • INWDC

      Yeah, I would love to know what the food violations are here…and the fact that they are closed indefinitely as a result? Yikes! Wonder if it has to do with the construction for Johnny’s but that seems to only be cosmetic in the front of the building and nothing structurally extensive.

      • jaybird
        • INWDC

          Thanks for sharing – agreed that the violations don’t look that egregious .

          • textdoc

            Y’all did notice that one of the violations was the category dealing with insects/rodents/animals?

          • Anonamom

            Not to mention the lack of soap? The improper storage of cutting utensils? Unclean floors? Seem bad to me.

          • INWDC

            While I agree it’s not something people want from a place that serves food (I swore off this place awhile ago – credit card minimum? no thanks), but in context with some of the more eye-popping food violations I’ve seen for some DC spots this seems kinda average.

          • Anonymous

            +1 to INWDC. Obviously gross, but these types of violations are easily remedied and probably go unaddressed in many restaurants/bars/stores. We all probably eat food from places like this pretty often without knowing it. Definitely not the worst.

    • Joel

      The vacant building between pops and mintwood was blamed before i think. The developer is trying to get permission to turn it into a 6 story apartment building and doesn’t want to do anything with it until it is approved.

  • MoldieOldie

    I could care less, but it’s funny that folks (and the DOH) will crack down on places like this – but all these Michelin star restaurants prepare food without staff ever using gloves.

    • Kalorama Resident

      Gloves can be more of a hazard in certain situations. People wearing gloves become complacent and touch things they shouldn’t be touching, then go right back to preparing food. Frequently washing hands can be just as effective.

      • MoldieOldie

        who doesn’t love contaminated food? yummy! :)


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