• Anon

    What is happening here?

    • Amelia

      Senor de los Milagros parade

    • textdoc

      I was wondering the same thing. Thanks, Amelia!
      In case anyone else was wondering who/what the Señor de los Milagros is, this is from Wikipedia:
      “Lord of Miracles (in Spanish: Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas) is an image painted of Jesus Christ that is venerated in Lima, Peru. The image was painted during the 17th century by an unnamed African taken from what is now Angola to Peru as a slave. Its feast is the main Catholic celebration in Peru and one of the largest processions in the world.
      [. . .]
      “Its name originated in the 17th century during an earthquake, which destroyed most of the city leaving only that mural standing. This is considered a miraculous occurrence by many living there.
      “Every year in October, hundreds of thousands of devotees from all races and economic backgrounds participate in a religious procession honouring the image through the streets of Lima. Boulevards are decorated in purple on October 18, 19, and 28 to celebrate the Lord of Miracles.”
      I guess there must be more Peruvian-Americans in D.C. than I realized.

      • KPS

        Astounding. As a Catholic who loves all the diversity of feasts and celebrations, I have to say I’ve never heard of this until now. Thanks for posting this, @PoPville!


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