Look Inside Dirty Habit now open in former Poste space at 8th and F St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth October 5, 2016 at 10:20 am 21 Comments

555 8th Street, NW

From a press release:

Dirty Habit, located at the corner of 8th and F Streets NW, opened its doors this past Saturday with Executive Chef Kyoo Eom and Head Bartender Sarah Ruiz at the helm. Penn Quarter’s newest restaurant and bar provides an atmosphere that focuses on social interaction with bar-centric food equally suited for happy hours, sit-down dinners and late-night bites.”

Photo by Jai Williams

“Dirty Habit is a luxe restaurant and bar that offers a vivid social scene centered around expertly-crafted cocktails, an innovative social-plates menu, edgy design and an expansive urban patio. It is located at 555 8th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20004, adjacent to the Hotel Monaco DC across from the Verizon Center. The restaurant and bar is open seven days a week and features private-dining services.”


Breakfast: Monday – Friday 7am-10am
Lunch: Monday – Friday 11:30am-2:30pm
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday 8am-2pm
Dinner: Sunday – Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday 5pm-11pm
Bar: Daily 10:30am-close”

Photo by Jai Williams

  • Anon

    I thought I read this was supposed to have some sort of an “insane asylum” theme? This looks nicely generic to me.

    • wdc

      Gawd, I hope no one would be tone deaf enough to think that “insane asylum” (a place to neglect/ torture vulnerable humans) would be a decorative theme.

      • Anon

        Check out a WaPo article that quotes the decorator… apparently yea, someone’s that tone deaf.

      • anon

        They are that tone deaf – WaPo had an article about it yesterday:

        “One example: a padded room that seats up to 10 (how’s that for your next holiday party?). Another: a statue built from spare equipment parts called “The Crouching Man,” in which the figure is kneeling in an almost fetal position. The whole idea is to make people “a little uncomfortable,” Smith said.”


        • wdc

          What the actual fuk.
          What’s next, a Japanese restaurant done up like an internment camp?

        • Truxton Thomas

          So if you contract syphilis at Red Light do you end up here?

      • Yep, these couple photos really don’t paint a full picture.

      • anon

        This sounds like a good idea. Except by good idea, I mean for Stefon to talk about on SNL and not a real place.

  • abdc

    I am not a fan of that drab décor. Also, those chairs do not look comfy to eat in. The seats are too deep so you end up just sitting straight up or awkwardly sitting back sorta reclining at the dinner table.

  • eb

    Crucial question: does it have bathroom facilities closer than the 2nd floor of the hotel?

    • abdc


    • JP

      Nope – was there last night, the bathroom situation has not changed

    • [rrrrr]

      I always thought that surely had to be some sort of code problem.

    • Anonymous

      How difficult was it for the hotel to run a drainage pipe into the courtyard? It boggles my mind that this was never built out. Presumably the kitchen has sink drains….yes?

  • Irving Streete

    How innovative: Instead of the small plates everyone else offers, they’ll have these really super cool “social plates!” Also, I ate at Dirty French in Manhattan and was unimpressed, though the decor was much cooler than this beige-on-beige tableau.

  • DirtyHabits

    This is not nearly as dreadful as I’d imagined it would end up being. I like it better than what it replaced. The bar in the back on the patio looks much nicer. I mostly liked the outside patio/bar area anyway, so happy this is finally re-opened.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    The latest in a long line of DC restaurants with bad names and even worse concepts. I hope the food is good.

  • NT

    “Vivid Social Scene.” Yet another side project from the members of Broken Social Scene.

    (WTH does that mean?!)

  • DJFinance

    Is it just me or does that second picture look almost identical to the Quiet Room at Town, except for the tables, of course.

  • LT

    I can’t tell from these pictures if they still have an outdoor bar/tables. Why else would you bother leasing space in a beautiful historic courtyard?

  • Ugh. Just ugh. That press release reads as if it were generated by some not terribly inventive software

    Beyond that, at this point, is anyone really hungering for either “social plates” (i.e., awkwardly sized portions) or “expertly crafted cocktails” (i.e., gimmicky drinks at a price point once appropriate for the whole meal)? And if you have to claim you’ve got a “vivid social scene,” I’m guessing you don’t…


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