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  • Anon

    This looks terrible

  • Emmaleigh504

    Kebab pizza! I’m in!

  • Petworth Landlord

    Anyone know what happened to the “O’TASTY” sign? Wish I had the foresight to have contacted them before they closed.

    • INWDC

      Yeah that would have been a fun sign to repurpose. Maybe reconfigure to Toasty or oatsy’ T. I wonder if there’s a place in DC that collects these things and resells them

      • ontarioroader

        I’m hoping it will end up at Wonderland.

        • Ross

          +1. they are a veritable museum of cool old DC signs.

  • AMDCer

    Is there some company somewhere that sells a kit to folks who want to open a pizza/sub/kebab/wings storefront? The signage/menus/food is all the same at these places – someone has to be producing this stuff and probably doing pretty well doing it.

    • samanda_bynes

      yeah, prolly the same people who make those plastic chinese menus above take-out places.

      • AMDCer

        Yeah, I figure they just have option A: Pizza, option B: Chinese.

        • Ross

          And fish/subs.

  • I think my favorite part of this is “chickens” plural.

    • ontarioroader

      That may actually be correct. The santeria store a few doors down used to sell live chickens for sacrifice.


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