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Rendering courtesy of Trammell Crow Company

From a press release:

“Trammell Crow Company (TCC), along with Fort Lincoln New Town Corporation and CSG Urban Partners, announce Starbucks, Five Below, Vitamin Shoppe, Panda Express, and T-Mobile have signed long term leases at The Shops at Dakota Crossing [South Dakota Ave NE and 33rd St NE], a 430,000-square-foot retail center located in NE Washington, D.C. All stores plan to open in early 2017. These new leases bring the center to nearly 90 percent leased.

“We are very pleased to see the Shops at Dakota Crossing continues to attract high quality, national retailers that add to the best-in-class roster of tenants already operating in the center and provide the kind of services the residents of Ward 5 want and deserve,“ said Adam Weers, Principal within TCC’s MidAtlantic Business Unit.

“Fort Lincoln has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the District and this impressive set of new tenants in the Center proves that it has also become one of the District’s premier retail destinations,” added Michele V. Hagans, President and CEO of Fort Lincoln New Town Corporation.

The retail center is anchored by Costco, Lowe’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods, which are currently open, and Marshall’s and PetSmart, which will open this fall.

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  1. For that time you didn’t want to drive all the way out to Kentlands?

  2. Yeah. This place is terrible. I can’t believe anyone would invest in single-story retail with massive surface parking lots in this day and age.

  3. yea bc so many mixed used developments include costco and lowes

  4. “…the Shops at Dakota Crossing continues to attract high quality, national retailers that add to the best-in-class roster of tenants..”

    Five Below and Panda Express…. the bar is here questionable. Doubtful that anyone trekking out to Costco is going to be diverted by these draws.

  5. Is it more or less questionable than “Fort Lincoln has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the District”?

  6. It would be really cute if Ft. Lincoln in fact pulled in more customers than City Center and thus could support the claim that it is “one of the District’s premier retail destinations.”

  7. Have you ever been to Costco? That place is a mad house. I don’t doubt that Costco and Lowe’s are big draws. Dick’s, Marshall’s, Petsmart, and Starbucks should also do well. Panda Express…not so sure about that one.

  8. When you’re exhausted from whatever you needed to make that 4th trip to Lowe’s to do, orange chicken will sound like the best idea ever.

  9. Quick and easy for the kids as well and a change from typical fast food and it won’t cost an arm and a leg

  10. If I am over there and want a Chinese fix, I’m going to Panda Gourmet a few blocks away.

  11. Shhhh don’t encourage people to go there :) It needs to remain a hidden gem!

  12. That’s great for you, and me, and the other people who care about that distinction. But if there weren’t people for whom Panda Express is a culinary adventure then they would have nearly 2,000 locations. Also, although the food at Panda Gourmet is pretty good, the service is rather atrocious.

  13. Panda Gourmet stands zero near-term chance of being anything but a “hidden gem”. Don’t fret.

  14. Different price points and that’s before you account for the sit down and tip dynamic.

  15. Has someone confused Woodridge with Woodbridge?

  16. The traffic at this shopping center is already abysmal. I can’t imagine how much worse it is going to get.

  17. I’m surprised they didn’t spell it “Shoppes” to add to the developer-speak overreach.

  18. The Costco and Lowes are the biggest draws to this shopping center imo. One can drive to other neighborhoods for quality dining.

  19. That Costco kills it. Lowes is a nice addition. The rest? meh. Love Costco.

  20. It will be nice to have a PetSmart. All of the micro pet stores around town are 2-3x more expensive for many things.

  21. The Starbucks will do very well there. There really are no others near there. People love their Starbucks.

    I can totally see grabbing something from Starbucks and then going to the Costco.

    It makes total sense to bring this kind of retail to the district. Otherwise those of us that live here would just drive to Hyattsville or Beltsville or wherever. Why not capture the sales tax revenue here!

  22. Petworth Landlord

    Dang it– I was hoping for a Chipotle. A Chipotle with plenty of parking would be awesommmmme.

  23. I believe they previously announced a Chipotle for this shopping center, several months ago.

  24. Ex-suburbanite who loves Panda Express and lots of free parking.
    I will be there.

  25. LOL You guys, this wasn’t going to get some Bon Appetit #1 restaurant small plates destination. It’s a freakin’ Costco parking lot. Are you looking for a nightlife destination ?

  26. Everything must be small quaint cute and most importantly unique.

  27. I reside in Fort Lincoln , ” Dakota Crossing “.
    Not only is Fort Lincoln sort after, it is a wise choice for people who are intelligent enough to own a 3-4 level townhouse with 4 parking spaces for less than a million dollars. And very low crime . You others , can reside in your milion dollar condos with 900-1200 square feet and thousands of dollars worth of yearly parking tickets and the sirens and constant crime. So that you may reside with people whom you resemble.
    When you’re sneaking over to purchase your Costco’s liquor and browsing the other stores , remember how you bad mouthed one of the hottest spots in DC. I’m quite sure if you don’t return …you will not be missed .


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