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“So, there’s this orange cat”

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2016 at 1:45 pm 54 Comments


“Someone left this cat behind on the street when she moved. (“Wish I could take her but they don’t allow cats where I’m going.”)

Poor little guy needs a home. We are full up here, but rather than leave him on the street, I’m going to have to take him to the shelter. But if anyone here is looking for a young orange cat, let’s talk before I take him.

He’s in the house right now. Apparently he was living inside until his former person put him on the porch and walked away.

[email protected]

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  • JohnnyReb

    All of the orange cats I’ve ever known/had have been absolute sweet love-bugs – I swear that it’s genetic!

    Someone please help this beautiful boy…

    • Yakshack

      My little orange guy is super lovey and snuggly. Wish I could give him a brother, but my studio and I can’t take 2 a-holes meowing at 3 AM.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Aww what a cutie, I wish I could take him.

  • womp

    people suck.

  • caroline

    I am so upset my the actions of his previous owner.

    I currently have 2 orange kitties in a building with a two pet minimum.

    contact city kitties or WHS they will help him!

    • lizcolleena

      I’m sure it’s just a typo, but I would love to live in a building with a two pet minimum!

      • caroline

        yes typo 2 pet maximum….

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Aw! Poor sweet guy! I wish I could take him, orange kitties are just the sweetest! ans shame on his former person, I’m trying to be understanding and imagine I was in dire straits and couldn’t take care of my cat, but I cannot imagine just leaving them on the porch!

  • ***

    WHO DOES THAT? “Oh, sorry pet. I can’t take you with me, so I’m just going to let you lose on the streets of DC.” Even Holly Golightly went back for cat. Sounds like the previous owner does not deserve to be a pet owner. People are the worst.

    • Felony I

      +1000 for the Holly Golightly reference! A poor no-name slob.

    • who does that indeed

      I once went on an Internet date with a woman who, during the “So, how did you end up in DC?” portion of the conversation, casually mentioned that she’d abandoned her cat back in the midwest, because moving it would have been hard.

      That ended that date right quick.

      • Ally

        +1000. If someone treats pets badly, that’s a deal breaker. Same with bad tippers, but actually somehow even a little worse.

  • Victoria

    Poor Kitty! WHS has an amazing foster program, we got our Orange Cat from a similar scenario. I’m sure he’ll find a home.

  • Hill Denizen

    OMG that broke my heart. Aside from the disappointment of someone just walking out on their responsibility, it’s heartless to just leave the cat there. It isn’t hard to take it to a shelter. Who knows what would have happened if this generous person hadn’t found him!

  • houseintherear

    The Washington Humane Society is a great place to take him. They’ll make sure he is up to date on vaccines, etc. I can foster him once they get him into the system- you can contact PoP for my email address, if you’d like, and I’ll keep my eye on the adoption website to see if he pops up and needs a foster.

  • JGK

    I wish we could take him, but we’re full up as well. Hopefully the exposure on here will get him a home, asap.

    The former owner can rot in hell. You knew you were leaving, you knew you couldn’t take the cat and you can’t even drive him to a shelter? A house cat is very different from a feral cat, not that they lead such great lives. wtf is wrong with people?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this situation galls me. Why the hell would you move somewhere where you can’t bring a pet? Such a jerk.
      That’s how I got my previous cat – a “friend” dumped him when she moved in with her boyfriend who was allergic (it can be managed with medication – but he didn’t want to deal with that).

      • kd21

        Cat allergies absolutely cannot be managed with medication. In many cases, allergic reactions become more severe with prolonged exposure.

        • jumpingjack

          I know many people who are allergic to cats who have one (or more). My BF tested highly allergic to cats, he takes Claritin and has no problems living with his cat or being around mine.

          • Totally beside the point. If you can’t care for any creature, animal or human, just call for help.

          • Caroline

            My fiance is allergic, and tried living with my cat when we first moved in together, but it was unbearable. Nevertheless, we still took our time making sure the cat was rehomed with a friend who would take good care of him. Cat allergies can be terrible.

      • Ally

        My husband has two allergies — hay and cat dander. He married me knowing that I had 3 cats and a rabbit. He took his Claritin. We’re still married, he does fine, and the pets are still happy. It it came down to my pets or a man, I think we know how that would go.

        • Ally

          Boy that’s a lot of typos. In short…. husband great. Pets great… no one got rehomed or left. Allergy was managed just fine.

  • wdc

    This came a year too late. I miss my big orange buddy, and the cat who replaced him isn’t… orange.
    If this guy has the typical orange tabby personality, he’ll find a new family at the shelter by Sunday.

  • jumpingjack

    What is wrong with people?!?! This makes me so angry. I hope that he finds his new family quickly.

  • anon

    angry at the owner. very angry. have you had him around other cats at all?

    • saf

      Have not – he’s fresh off the street and hasn’t been to the vet yet, so he is in isolation.

      • anon

        thanks for the info, unfortunately can’t take him in without knowing because my cat is an only child. She got along with a roommates cat (eventually, the other cat was not buying it) but wouldn’t want to put her through that again if there was no chance for the other cat!

  • how do you know he was left behind? was there a note on him? is this legal?

    • saf

      This is legal. No, not a note. The former person told my friend that she had to leave the cat on the street as her new place would not allow her to take the cat. She then moved out, leaving the cat on the porch with a pile of food. The cat has been on the street for not very long now, and we’d like to get him into a home.

      • this is legal?!?! wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. wouldn’t this be animal cruelty?

        • saf

          Oh, I thought you meant is adopting out the cat legal. No, putting an indoor cat out is not legal. It’s also not something likely to get enforced.

  • saf

    Thanks to all of you, and to the multiple people who replied directly to me. He has an interview with a prospective person this evening, and 4 other potential families! And I agree with many of you – a house cat is not a feral cat. Ferals have a tough life, but they at least can survive on the street better than a house cat who has NO idea how he ended up there! (I have cats in the house and care for several ferals.)

    • sasindc

      You’re good people, PoPville. Thanks for taking care of Orange Kitty.

      • Emmaleigh504

        + a billion!

      • Elvis’s Mom

        PoPville folks are the best!

    • TakomaCats

      ahhhh, this sounds very promising… please keep us updated and thanks for reaching out! good work team!

    • anon

      Could you please ask the new adopters to open an instagram like @kittyrickie’s owner who was found on the Calvert Street bridge a few years ago? Love that PoPville came through for this guy. I have two gingers and can’t imagine just dumping them outside.

    • textdoc

      Glad to hear the kitty has 5 potential adopters! Keep us posted.

    • eggs

      So glad to hear there are so many potential adopters!! Thank you for helping this poor little guy.

    • Ally

      So glad to hear he has some options! And as the owner of several kitties who were former outdoor kitties with FIV that I adopted, so glad he’s getting a shot at a home and indoors. So much safer.

    • mdtodc

      You are a good person.

  • TwoWishes

    I once adopted an orange cat from this exact situation: owners moved and just put him out on the street. (A neighbor fed him for a while an an outdoor cat, but then he was hit by a car and needed vet care, and I adopted him from the vet.) He was the BEST cat I’ve ever known, and I’ve known many. If you’re looking for a sweet and social cat, orange tabbies just can’t be beat. We’re full up on cats too, but when the time comes my next cat will absolutely be an orange tabby! Just one more entry for the orange cat hallelujah chorus, if anyone’s on the fence about adopting this one.

    • wdc

      Look how relaxed he is in the photo, just totally content to be held. That was how I knew my guy was for me. I took him out of his shelter cage, and he immediately went limp and started purring. All the other kittens were climbing and escaping and exploring and swatting… but he had found the place he most wanted to be.

      • textdoc

        Awww… that is such a sweet story!

    • mdtodc

      Vets are not cheap! You are a good person.

  • BrooklandBabe

    why are people so horrible??? so happy to hear kitty has a great prospective home! if I wasn’t full with two cats and a dog I’d be on my way to owning a farm…

  • mharding01

    I lost my sweet red-orange boy Pumpkin this summer. I would be interested in this fella but my surviving cat is not well. As others have noted, red-orange tabbies are known for their loving natures. Thank you for taking care of this cat. He will make some lucky person very happy.

  • krissness

    Please post an update when he finds a home. How awful.

  • kate900

    Thanks for trying to find him a home. We just adopted an orange cat from WHS who they said was a stray but he is so friendly and cuddly I can’t believe someone didn’t have him – and then dump him like this. I don’t understand people. Wherever I’ve moved, the priority is Do they accept pets? No? Then trying another place.

    • textdoc

      He might have been an abandoned cat who became part of a colony of ferals, was picked up for TNR, and then discovered to be friendly/adoptable. That’s why you’ll sometimes see eartipped cats available for adoption; they were tame cats that were thought to be feral. (I believe this was the case with Emmaleigh504’s orange female cat Donna.)


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