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Shawshank Diner coming to 9th and P St, NW – The Name Says It All!!!

by Prince Of Petworth September 27, 2016 at 10:20 am 20 Comments

906 P Street, NW

The redemption of 9th Street continues… The liquor license placard for Shawshank Diner says:

“A full-service restaurant serving American food. Sidewalk Café with 34 seats. Total Occupancy Load of 30 seats inside premises.”

Now, please be a good diner!!! Stay tuned for a million updates.

looking east towards 9th Street catty corner to Chaplin’s

  • Jerry Grundle

    Yes. Unfortunately, the name does say it all.


    How may businesses can this property have? That Certificate of Occupancy must be wild.

  • Shaw Guy

    The good people at Shiloh Baptist will not be amused.

    • Lisa

      When is the last time you heard of Shiloh giving a bar/restaurant a hard time? The last time I heard was Vegetate, like 10 years ago.

  • chasscott

    Please God, no small plates of diner food!
    And no hand-crafted $15 cocktails served in tiny vintage glasses!!!

    • Smallplates Bestplates

      Isn’t there a cracker barrel in Winchester you could try?

  • fffff

    Get busy eatin, or get busy dyin

  • Mike

    “The name says is all!” Does it? I have no clue what the name says, is it owned by Tim Robbins or something?

    • Anon

      Not OP, but there’s something somehow unsettling about a restaurant owner profiting from a prison reference. There’s a good reason these guys are the first to name a Shaw-based business after the Shawshank Redemption, and it’s not because they were the first to make that connection.

      • I can’t tell who’s a troll or not anymore – it’s a fucking movie for God sake!!! I am being trolled aren’t I? Damn it, point for you.

        • Anon

          Count it!
          (I am completely unperturbed by the name/reference – was just hoping to explain someone else’s comment as I understood it myself.)

  • Mgv

    Re-imagined prison food served on a metal tray. Plus a rooftop beer garden so customers can enjoy a bucket of suds with their friends.

    The pies kind of sick though.

  • Truxton Thomas

    “The Shawshank Diner: you’d crawl through a quarter-mile of poop to taste our burgers, and if you’re coming from Bloomingdale during a severe thunderstorm, you might just have to.”

    • dcd

      You win today. Well done.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Not 100% confident I have my bearings, but this building here had been abandoned for awhile, right? I think until fairly recently the windows were even bricked up. Great to see something coming in here…

  • JohnH

    Wonder if it’s an upscale diner like down the street!!

  • aPhamDC

    The food I heard is suppose to be amazing. It’s going to be owned by no other than the owners of Chaplins.

    • Lisa

      Indeed yes. Adrian Lee Williams is listed on the corporations filing for Shawshank. RIP Armin.

  • JF

    ShawShank is a reference to the neighborhood and Shanks of meat they will be slicing serving etc. for sandwiches. From what I hear it will be a great spot for easy food and tasty beverages.


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