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Arrests Made after 8:45pm Armed Carjacking in Chinatown, plus 2 other attempts near Eastern Market Metro

by Prince Of Petworth September 7, 2016 at 9:30 am 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“At approximately 8:45PM a citizen was operating a vehicle in the 900 block of G Street, NW, when several suspects approached the vehicle. The suspects pulled a handgun and demanded the vehicle. The suspects took the citizen’s vehicle and fled without harming the citizen. At approximately 9:10PM this same group attempted to carjack 2 other vehicles in the 900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. The suspects again displayed a weapon and attempted to take the vehicle however in both cases the citizens pulled away and fled without being harmed.

The four suspects involved in these robberies/carjackings were captured a short time later and placed under arrest.”

  • Yeah, my phone was all blowed up with alerts this morning, I figured someone must have gone on a spree. Good to hear they were captured, now the waiting game to see whether they’re convicted.

    • Luke

      Is there any easy way to track the case and see if they are convicted?

      • yay

        yes, if you can get their names you can look up on dccourts.gov and see whether they actually end up getting convicted. unfortunately the police randomly decide whether or not to release names of suspects. and either way they will likely be back on the street this evening.

        • PView

          Its not random. You cant release the names if they are juveniles.

    • Anon

      If Lanier was right, they’ll likely be out by this afternoon.

  • anon

    I see 9th and G remains one of the most charming blocks in DC.

  • jaseguy30

    Was walking the dog by Eastern Market around 9:45 and it was one of those nights where so many cops were zipping by in so many different directions I asked myself, “major terrorist attack or just random city violence”? Not the first night i’ve asked that question.

    • anon

      You were lucky last night. In addition to the armed carjackings just a few blocks from Eastern Market, someone was mugged at gunpoint at 9:30 pm on 7th St SE between E and G, near the new Mormon church. We can go on all day about why and how, how it’s so much better than the 90’s, blah blah blah, but these brazen gun crimes committed in populated areas during normal evening hours are making it increasingly unsafe to be out pretty much anywhere, and that is not good.

  • spookiness

    Back to the 90’s!

  • DC CapHill

    +1 Lanier

  • cam

    I have to wonder if these suspects have been in trouble with the law before, and if so, what sentences they received (if any).

  • E

    Damn this is right around the corner from where I work! Not that I’m there at 8:45 at night.


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