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“Suggestions for Corporate Parties?”

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2016 at 1:45 pm 59 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

“I have been charged with planning an event for my firm, and I was wondering if anyone had any venue suggestions that are a bit more outside of the box.

We have done plenty of events at hotels, but I would like this event to be a bit more youthful. I do not work in the DC area, so I could use some help with venue suggestions. My only requirement is space for 30 – 50 people and some AV capabilities. The event will be in early November in the evening.

For the right venue we can make any budget work.

Any help is very appreciated!”

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  • anon

    Smokey Glen Farm!

  • FtLincolnLove

    Maggiano’s! Reasonably priced and the Chevy Chase location is right on top of the metro.

    • MCR

      Uh, not exactly “outside the box” and “youthful.”

      • FtLincolnLove

        I’m fully aware of that it may not be “outside of the box”, but I suggested it because of the price, the fact that Maggiano’s has several rooms that can hold 30-50 people comfortably (some even have private bars), many of the rooms have AV capabilities, and accessibility. IMO, events are what you make of them and you can easily make an event more “youthful” through music, ambiance, etc.

  • greazey

    Atlas Brewery had a stellar new space! Cater food from wherever you like

    • kharr89

      I second this! One of my best friends is the head brewer there and they have a great staff that will happily accommodate your needs!

      • Ampersand

        I will definitely third the suggestion to go to Atlas. I LOVE the new space there, and I think it could easily accommodate 50 people. The downside is a lack of metro accessibility, but the parking is free and ample.

    • saf

      Actually, 3 Stars also has a good event space.

      • LGinMtP

        not for a corporate event…

  • Statehood Warrior

    Took over Baked Joint (sister of Baked and Wired) for an event at 440 K Street, NW for 50 people and it was spectacular. Great space and legendarily great food.

  • A Big Fan

    How about a cooking class or competition? Call CulinAerie, 202) 587-5674, http://www.culinaerie.com/
    My company has had parties and training sessions there, and it’s a LOT of fun — so much better than a hotel or restaurant party where everyone just stands around making small talk. The competitions are high energy and everyone has fun. They also have overhead TVs you can use for presentations.

    • T

      My company did an event here, too. I was skeptical, but really liked it! Might be too small (and too much activity) for 50, though.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely this place! We had an Iron Chef competition there with 48 people and it was a blast! Sooo much fun, we’re going back next year!

    • anon&confused

      Yes! CulinAerie is awesome!!!

  • Dupont Circle

    James Hobans Irish Bar and Restaurant Dupont circle, they have a private bar and dining area in the back room, we used it for work party with slide show presentation their TV’s. No fee so long as we met minimum spend, food was excellent, and its less than a block from the Metro.

  • Brentwood

    What sort of event? We had a really nice corporate party at the Arts Club of Washington recently. For something much less formal, I also went to an event at the Wonder Bread Factory/Event Space in Shaw.

    • Pixie

      +1 for the Arts Club. I got married there!

  • DC anon
    • bll

      yup, came here to say this as well. that’s where we had our wedding reception.

  • sb

    The Newseum or Sequoia.

  • mmm

    Long View Gallery in Shaw. Their web page has a bunch of info about their event space.

    • SWAnon

      Came here to mention Long View. We had our wedding there and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

    • Eleven


  • Anon

    Fado Irish Pub in Chinatown. We had a going away party there for my boss and it was terrific. Very reasonably priced too.

  • anon

    Newseum! I went to a Pride party there once and it was a fun venue.

  • halfsmoke

    Teri Osborn at Hill Country BBQ in Chinatown is by far the best person in the city for this sort of thing in my experience.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    The Mansion on O (though I don’t know if it has AV capabilities).

    • takomanorpark

      +1 for Mansion on O. A friend had a wedding reception there and it was awesome.

  • Shaw District Guy

    I second Wonder Bread Factory and Long View Gallery. But suggest checking out Studio 52 and ‘ The Event Space’ both located in the Shaw District too.

  • kharr89

    The Capitol View Rooftop is a gorgeous location if you’re just looking for a change of scenery. Although I’m having my wedding there on November 5th, so if that’s your date, it’s booked haha!

  • Sue

    The Zoo! Lots of possibilities. Contact FONZ.

  • skj84

    Seconding The Loft on F street. In the same vein of Atlas Brewery, Jos.A Magnus has a large events space. I don’t know what the AV capabilities are, but its different. Also look into The WeWorks in the area. Most of them will allow businesses to rent out their spaces for events. I don’t think you have to be a member to use. Blind Whino may be another option.

  • LoganChica

    Top Golf in Alexandria

  • ETF

    The Longview Gallery is fabulous.

  • Whiskey Lover

    Whiskey! Boundary Stone has helped me out several times with amazing parties! I have had up to 100 people at one gathering.

  • ustreetneighbor

    Provision on 14th Street, they have a great, lively bar upstairs where you can rent the entire floor. DJ Included :) Great food and young (20-somethings) atmosphere!

  • PartyGoer

    I went to a fun corporate party once at the Crime and Punishment museum. You wander through the exhibits that are sprinkled with appetizer and drink stations until you reach the basement for the rest of your event.

    • Lady Anon

      Crime & Punishment Museum, unfortunately, closed late last year.

  • Qzee

    Mess Hall or Union Kitchen. Both are food incubators with cool meeting/event space and PLENTY of their members will provide delicious and unique food and drink and cater the event. Highly recommend either one for a fun evening that is different and supports the DC small business community of food entrepreneurs.

    • lizcolleena

      + 1 I love both and they have really cool, unique spaces. Union Kitchen is probably the larger as Mess Hall felt pretty tight when I went.

    • +1 for Mess Hall. I’ve been to a few events there, from a sushi feast from an LA chef to a birthday party where a five year old threw apple sauce on me. It’s a fantastic space and the owner is a great guy.

  • navyard

    Room and Board rents out their entire store for corporate events. It’s pretty cool. No idea who to call for that.

    Odyssey Cruises does corporate events with AV equip. Really fun to see the monuments from the River at night. It’s different and fun. I’ve held two events there and people really liked it.

  • Andrew Serio

    I would like to suggest the new stadium preview center that D.C. United just opened near Union Market in DC. I make the suggestion because I work for the club, but also because it’s a really cool space. We’ve designed it to showcase our new stadium that is set to open in 2018 with some cool 3-D models and technology. It can definitely accommodate your AV needs and there are multiple indoor and outdoor areas that can be used for food and drink. Catering could be brought in for all guests from any restaurant of your choice.

    Right now there is nothing online to show you the space, but I’d personally be happy to give you, or someone from your firm, a tour to see if it fits the look and feel that you’re going for this particular event.

  • navyard

    Nationals Park also has great events spaces and you can arrange a tour of the ballpark too. I’ve been dying to have an event here.


    • Stephen

      I hosted a corporate event for ~100+ folks at Nat’s park and it was awesome. They have multiple options that can be paired with ticket packs. I suggest contacting Alexa McCarthy, Nat’s Events Manager.

  • JD

    Check out this gorgeous new event space by Union Station. Sweeping capital views with indoor and outdoor capacity. AV capabilities are top of the line!

  • anon&confused

    Seconding the recs for CulinAerie or the Wonderbread Factory, but also check out the Angelica Pop-Up in NE, it’s a cool space! And also check out Right Proper Brewery & Tasting Room in Brookland – really neat space.

  • H St. Lion

    Vendetta did a great job with my wedding and doing our office holiday party. Also Blind Whino is amazing! Went to a lot of events there.

  • Acolyte

    If money is no object, try Washington National Cathedral.

  • The very flexible Chapel space at Congressional Cemetery would be perfect that time of year! Plenty of free, onsite parking. They allow food and drinks. The Washington Post dubbed it the “hippest cemetery in the country” just this spring. CongressionalCemetery.org

  • Hill Country BBQ
    410 7th st NW

    You can book an event in the downstairs show area. You can book a band, or the live band kareoke guys. Texas BBQ. Dranks. Good times.

    Check out the website!

  • Gladys Cravitz

    Fathom Gallery 1333 14th Street NW – great indoor and outdoor spaces


  • KLS

    Elizabeth’s on L (on L between 13th and 14th). it is in a beautiful restored row house – but they have modern AV capabilities.

  • On Capital Heels

    1. TopGolf
    2. Elizabeth’s on L (if it’s still open, not sure…)
    3. The National Building Museum
    4. The Air & Space Museum
    5. CulinArie
    6. Escape Room
    7. The Newseum
    8. Hill Country BBQ

  • Katebobate

    Fathom Gallery on 14th is great – and has a cool outdoor space. It’s right about Slipstream and I think you can do your own catering/bartenders/work with the folks downstairs. Or, Slipstream itself would be awesome. I’ve been to two private parties there and the food/drinks are great!

  • AS

    Went to a party like this at the spy museum. That was pretty fun!

  • Megan

    Blind Whino x1000000000000000000000000 http://www.blindwhino.org/

    Take one look at photos and you’ll know it’s the place.

  • Sarah

    Spire is a brand new events venue in the NoMa neighborhood. Stunning spaces with a beautiful patio boasting views of the Capitol and the Washington Monument. My company held an event there last summer and everyone loved it, especially the outdoor space. Definitely recommend checking it out! http://www.spireeventsdc.com

  • B

    dcbrewtours.com does great private events and can coordinate spaces and tours in breweries.


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