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Succotash, “smoked ribs, fried chicken and shrimp n’ grits” is coming to The Equitable Building

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2016 at 10:22 pm 37 Comments


Well this sounds promising! The liquor license placard for Succotash says:

“A first class restaurant serving a variety of classic food such as smoked ribs, fried chicken and shrimp n’ grits with live entertainment. Alcoholic beverages include signature cocktails, curated wine list. Total number of seats: 365. Total Occupancy Load: 450.”

You can see Succotash’s National Harbor menus here. Their website says:

“SUCCOTASH, a collaboration between Culinary Director Edward Lee and KNEAD Hospitality + Design, showcases a progressive perspective of classic Southern favorites. Six-time James Beard Award nominee Edward Lee brings his Korean roots and Southern repertoire to a soulful Southern menu.

SUCCOTASH is named after the classic dish that has been a longstanding staple of the Southern table. While many know “Succotash” when they see it, the dish has been interpreted, modified and passed from generation to generation for centuries. While Succotash between families will share similarities, each family’s recipe is deeply personal and reminiscent of those special suppers that brings kin together. Our “Succotash” is special to us and we invite you to experience the South through our lens.

Our menu features a variety of classics including shrimp n’grits, smoked short-ribs, fried chicken & waffles, kimchi collard greens, pecan buttered trout, and of course, our very own version of Succotash. Whether for brunch, lunch or dinner, we offer something for everyone. Our BBQ is smoked in house and everything is made from scratch, including our famous Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie.

A thoughtfully curated wine list, as well as our take on classic and signature cocktails, rounds out our extensive bourbon selection. A unique assortment of draft and bottled beers and a variety of southern sodas ensures that no guest leaves thirsty.

The SUCCOTASH dining room features flourishes reminiscent of architecture in Savannah, New Orleans and Kentucky. Elaborate wrought iron design, wood-coffered ceilings and vintage brickwork juxtapose contemporary artwork throughout the space. SUCCOTASH evokes an airy Southern charm with urban flare.”

The Washington Post previously reported:

“The new Succotash is scheduled to open in March 2017 with lunch and dinner service, and a bar with 200 whiskeys and a sizeable wine program.”

Updates when they get closer to opening.

915 F Street, NW

You can read a terrific history of The Equitable Building here.

  • JohnH

    This + Pi across the street = fat, but happy, me.

  • Chris

    Not really great news – Succotash in the National Harbor is very inconsistent with food quality and service. Hopefully it gets better in DC.

  • Big Max

    Bring back Fifth Column

    • Linc Park SE


    • JMo

      Glad someone else remembers that place!

  • That Man A

    that building reminds me of the one on U st that hasnt had a tenant since it was a club… i forget the name, maybe studio 9?… that shut down yearssss ago

    • Halfsmoke

      Fifth Colum?

      • INWDC

        Oh man, I remember the 5th Column – was such a fun, innocent time eurotrashing it up there.

      • That Man A

        dont recall if that was the name

    • stacksp

      Republic Gardens if that is what you are referring to is about half or a 3rd of the size of this building imo. This building used to house a huge nightclub that was last known as Ultrabar.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        oh my god! Ultrabar! I remember clubbing it up there like, 9 years ago I think!

      • SWChick

        isnt UltraBar on 9th and F?

        • stacksp

          Yes. I was referring to the building pictured in the OP that succotash will now occupy in my jumbled post.

        • LittleBluePenguin

          I honestly don’t remember where it it/was, it was a looong time ago and I was definitely not at all sober!

        • divebar311

          Yes it is and is still in business next door to this property.

    • anonymous

      CadaVez..Lizzard Lounge on Sundays…that place has been so many things. Crazy how nothing ever lasts.

      • stacksp

        I couldnt think of the name Cada Vez to save my life lol.. I was trying so hard to remember what it was called previously

    • Anon

      I think That Man is talking about that bank-looking building between 14th and 15th on the south side of U.

    • SWChick

      Station 9! I reminisce every time I walk pass it! Im old. smh

      • That MAn A

        Seriously, had some good times in there
        chill on throwing that old tag around though haha

        • SWChick

          We are seasoned. :-) I kind of remember them serving brunch there too. That building was huge!

    • kgw

      anyone remember The Insect Club here from the late ’80s?

      • goaldigger

        The Insect Club was on E St (next to AARP).

  • Anon

    Good luck with that… that’s a HUGE space to fill

    • That One Guy

      This sounds like a logistical nightmare with regard to food preparation. How do you know how many ribs to prepare on any given day given the seats you have to fill.

      • Anonymous

        I’m gonna guess that the ribs served here will sit in the warming tray all day/night. Expect the worst and crappy quality.

    • JohnH

      It is huge. This area is an interesting one – I enjoy Pi and it does get busy at times, but it’s kind of a hidden gem in that you can usually get a table without a wait (maybe except some Friday/Sat nights)….and it’s not huge. It’s a busy area, but not as pedestrian heavy as some other areas around there. Not sure if it will command that big of a pull with some other ginormous restaurants around.

  • I Dont Get It

    Sunday night dance parties at the Bank! You could just pull up and easily park close by. God I feel old! I used to love sitting in the old bank vault though and having cocktails.

  • divebar311

    Anyone remember during Howard Homecoming P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs/Sean John had a block party on 9th and F? You could bounce in between this building (was called Platinum Night Club), Home (know known as Ultrabar) and VIP Club (formerly known as DC Live)? I miss THIS about the “old DC”.

    • SWChick

      I remember platinum. So many stories to tell. lol

    • CittyKitty

      I remember going to Platinum and VIP….aah the good ol’ days

      • Anonymous

        I will show my age – I started at the Ritz, The Mirage, Quigley’s, (Blossoms?) under 21 clubs when I got here in ’95. (I even went to the old IBEX once because I had a local friend who took me there for my first GoGo. My second GoGo was at the Zulu Cave near Bladensburg NE) I ‘graduated’ to Republic Gardens (open bar free food if early) DC Live / VIP. Republic Garden would put out the big tent, where the Lincoln now stands, The Homecoming line would be down the block. We never got there early enough to get in. I did the Platinum / VIP Homecoming party and one Homecoming Party @ H20. There was pop-up club one Homecoming called the Bomb Shelter on GA Ave near Lamont.

        I can’t forget 2001 NBA All-Star Game party / concert @ Nation. I did a few nights at Dream before I stopped doing the club thing. I never did Ibiza or Fur but I have been to The Park, Lima, Lux Lounge (under prior name) Bar 7, and the place on 6th behind Verizon (once upon a time it was Coyote Ugly, The Rock) for birthdays and other events. I never really did 1223 when it was hot (I went once.) State of the Union and Bar Nun were never on my radar. Town and County (2K9?) and Nellies (name?) both did brief stints as hip-hop clubs pre-Reeves Center. The bank building on U Street was a club ‘The Bank,’ ‘Station 9’, Cada Vez? I did clubs not bars because I was not a big time drinker. I did learn later bars > clubs for meeting women. (There was also club 1919 on 9th if you did that type of thing lol) Loved DC then still love it now.

        • stacksp

          Man you took me back.

  • CittyKitty

    RIP to Republic Gardens; back in my clubbing days you could get in AND get two drinks all for $20. Also, people actually danced instead of standing around profilin’.


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