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“Shooting at 601 F Street NW inside the McDonalds bathroom.” near Verizon Center

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2016 at 12:08 pm 27 Comments

via google maps

MPD reports just after noon:

“Shooting in the 600 blk of F Street NW. MPD on scene investigating. No LOOKOUT”

From Alert DC:

“Alert: Shooting at 601 F Street NW inside the McDonalds bathroom. The victim is a B/M 25 years of age suffering from a gunshot wound on the left side of the face (the bullet entered and exited). Victim unable to provide lookout. negative on the shotspotter.”

  • Ryan

    I go here often, place is always a mess (though the staff are very nice). Always people coming in and out to use the bathroom and alot of people congregating outside.

  • anon

    This block is an embarrassment, with all the drug use and shady characters in full view of tourists.

    • Anna

      and they all hang right in front of that mcdonalds. they need to get rid of it. so annoying.

      • Jeff

        Why is this McDonald’s fault?

        • anna

          i guess i dont understand why they seem to congregate in that area specifically. my dad says “because mcdonalds is cheap. it attracts them…”

          • Derek

            This exactly. I work down the street and walking past that McD’s isn’t pleasant. But I do usually see MPD hanging around there.

        • Anon

          Uh… pretty sure the McNuggets are 50% lead. Lead is apparently not good for you, it turns out (even organic lead – who would’ve thought?)

        • TJ

          I read an article last year about rampant heroin dealing/associated issues at at a Times Square McDonalds. Businesses have an interest – and a responsibility – to operate safe establishments.

  • Northshaw

    Big Mac Attack!

  • stacksp

    Bought a homeless guy a Big Mac out of here last week during my lunch break

    • anon


      • crates


      • stacksp

        Just making a mention that I was recently in this McDonalds anon…

  • No Bikes

    Nothing will change until the caps win a Stanley Cup.

  • Effie

    I went inside of this McDonalds once.. and I don’t eat McD’s at all, I simply wanted to buy some water because it was so hot outside. It was such a bad experience. From the loitering outside, to the smell of what I can’t decide was urine or feces, maybe both… to a lot of yelling inside and aggression. I left very quickly, and did not purchase my water.

  • Frustrated

    With all of the recent shootings like literally one after the other, why hasn’t the mayor or police chief addressed this problem? It’s definitely a big issue. So frustrating when your local government doesn’t step in to make their people feel safe. What happened to all hands on deck and other programs that police used to participate in?

    • madmonk28

      I the mayor was to acknowledge the problem, she would then be expected to do something about the problem and I don’t think she has a clue on what that would entail. So she avoids owning the problem by pretending it doesn’t exist and makes sure she keeps the streets plowed when it snows because that is a problem she can understand.

      • I. Rex

        I agree that the Mayor has failed to combat the crime problem, but lay some blame on the way- too-liberal City Council. Bowser put a plan forward last summer involving some changes in how we monitor recent violent offenders on parole and the City Council shot it down because of civil rights concerns. Well, thanks for that City Council, but where are your ideas on how to deal with the crime problem?

        • madmonk28

          Fair enough, there is plenty of blame to go around. From Bowser to the city council to Lanier, the list goes on. But one thing I want from my mayor is for her to provide some leadership and take a stand. If the city council is the problem, then step up and call them out.

      • ParkViewneighbor

        +1 googol

  • concerned

    Sadly, not surprised. This block is terrible. Dare I say worse than Columbia Heights metro. I know we don’t have anti-loitering laws in DC, but is there anything the businesses here do to deter loitering?

  • Anon

    This bathroom is very apparently running a drug dealing operation. I don’t know why the police that are always in the area don’t do anything about it.

  • ELA

    I work a block away. I walk sometimes 3 blocks out of my way to avoid this spot. It’s a plague.

  • Jane

    Man, years ago I loved this McDonald’s (and the Dunkin’ Donuts) were much-needed free bathrooms when stumbling home a little tipsy. Sad to see it’s turned so bad in the intervening years.

  • Gallery Pl NW

    Just as an update, the suspect has turned himself in.

  • stacksp

    Had a feeling it was a drug deal or some sort of deal gone bad. You can tell that all parties kinda knew each other and that they were “exchanging” something in the bathroom


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