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  • JohnH

    Speaking of closing…and maybe this has been covered and I missed it. But I walked by Alphonse on U Street – to see signs that they were closed for the month of August for “vacation”.
    1. I have no idea how that is financially feasible, particularly on U Street where you see places not last all the time due to absurd rent and steep competition. How does a restaurant that’s not exactly slammed go 1 month with no business?
    2. It’s not that small of a venture to where the owners are owners/operators. It employs several people who are NOT on vacation and probably had to scrap to find work other places because their employer decided to go on vacation for a month.

    • Mike

      #2 is a really good question – I wonder what the employees of The Saloon do when they close down?

    • Milz

      August in DC is the slowest months of the entire year. Popular restaurants are offering Sunday happy hours and some are doing happy hours Noon-7 PM. For some it is financially beneficial to be shut down for one month than to have to close your doors for good because your expenditures were higher than your revenue.

      It is probably safe to assume when people are hired they informed that the establishment will be closed for August ie places like the Saloon.

    • jsauri

      Alphonse is still open. Nonna’s Kitchen, is the pricier sister-restaurant upstairs. Nonna’s lost their chef. They will likely reopen with a new menu once they find a new chef.

  • Jan

    With a name like that, not sure how this business could possibly fail.

  • AdmoDan

    Almost left a snarky comment, but checked the URL first and sure enough, it beat me to it.

  • amy

    lol at the url!


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