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  • jeezpf

    Maryland driver.

  • Josh

    Just buff it out.

  • Ron

    Meet Rocky, the Hirshhorn’s new mascot.

  • CS

    Giant Meteor 2016 decides to start making campaign stops when the polls started to turn in its favor.

  • zandunga

    Senior Pranks started early this year

  • Jon

    Not again!

  • Former petworth

    that’s why you don’t by John Voit’s car

    • Mug of Glop


    • Former Petworth.

      eek- “That’s why you don’t buy John Voit’s car” —

  • Barry

    I can’t believe I got another flat.

  • WorkerGuy

    1992 LeBaron coupes and convertibles could be ordered with a new “sport package”, which featured a monochrome appearance including body-colored grille, accent stripe, and decklid logo. The package also included 14-inch “lace” style wheelcovers and a black strip below the taillights in place of chrome, with special blacked-out window moldings on coupe models. Model as shown includes optional 9-ton red basalt volcanic boulder with googly eyes.

    • textdoc

      LOL on reading “Model as shown includes optional 9-ton red basalt volcanic boulder with googly eyes.”

  • Chicken Little

    Turns out that Donald Trump and Chicken Little were right!

  • WorkerGuy

    9-ton boulder of volcanic red basalt with big googly eyes (1992 Chrystler Lebaron included for scale)

  • Mug of Glop

    I bet the rock has Maryland plates.

    • Expat


  • Sully

    DC gentrification.. like putting lipstick on a rock

  • LBloomy

    My last Uber Pool ride was a bit rocky.

  • timmyp2353


  • timmyp2353

    Hey you can’t park there without your hazards on!

  • Spencer A

    Meet Rocky! Prudential Insurance guerrilla marketing campaign launches in DC

  • RosslynDE

    ‘Bring your pet rock to work’ they said. ‘It will be fun’ , they said…

  • Leah K.

    Rock: Hello Chrysler, my name is 2008.

  • Truxton Thomas

    And here I thought Chevrolets were “like a rock.”

  • Andy

    I’m the King Ad Rock and that’s who I am…

  • Idontgetit

    When Herb plays “Rock, Paper, Scissors ” Herb plays to win.

    • Emmaleigh504


  • U Streeter

    Chrysler’s last ditch effort to appeal to Millennials.

  • cwjCP

    wax on, wax off

    • cwjCP


      Chrysler and yet another failed merger.

  • 13thandV

    SWEET METEOR OF DEATH FOR PRESIDENT 2016!! https://twitter.com/smod2016?lang=en

  • NWDC

    Rock…and Roll!

  • Bloomy

    fossil fuel crisis crushes automobile industry.

  • dcgator

    “ATTACK OF THE KILLER EMOJIS” airs tonight at 9, after Sharknado 6, only on SYFY!

  • apes

    The boot just wasn’t getting the point across.

  • Spicolimous

    Don’t worry my dad’s a tv repairman, he has an ultimate set of tools, I can fix it.

  • A Nony Mouse

    Forgot the creek in Rock Creek Park.

  • Charlie Brown

    I got a rock…

  • AnonG

    So do we call MPD, Park Police or Smithsonian Police?

  • Imalongfellow

    DC, largest parking fines in the country.

  • Jessica

    I tweeted DDOT and 311 about that days ago.

  • Hannah Proctor

    Cosmic justice for the car with a Donald Trump bumper sticker.

  • David M.

    Metro is taking extreme measures to ensure more riders.

  • Lamonting

    Thought we were playing DODGEball, not DODGEBOULDER!

  • Truxtonish

    I will make Mexico pay for this rock. Mark my words.

  • Truxtown

    Better than CAR-B-QUE.

  • Ache

    “Harold, stop walking with your arm out like that, you look ridiculous”

  • B

    Ooops I did it again – Beyonce to Britney’s career.

  • jsauri

    How to park in a tow away zone without getting towed.


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