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  • P. Lecheval

    It probably fell down. That building is a good example of demolition by neglect.

  • anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t understand how that place is not condemned! Also, sadly for GA the owner is the head of the GA Business Association which doesn’t bode well for future streetscape or facade improvements.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    I’ve only ever encountered relatively pleasant people in / around this shop, so I’m very glad to see they’re getting some work done, because holy sh!t that place needs serious serious work. I’m not saying every shop needs to be the same tile/slate floors and stainless steel, but jesus, if you’re going to handle food, please for the love of god do not do so surrounded by crumbing, rotting wood, termites and other bugs! Wishing these guys luck! Oh, also, is it my imagination or is there sometimes a huge, huge brown dog up on the roof of the crumbling garage thing next door?

  • Charlie in DC

    Ok, but is the food here any good? I’ve only had my seafood at Fish in da Hood.

    • Kelley

      Yeah. It is delicious.

  • GAAveRsdt

    Word has it that Romeo is going to start selling ice cream out of the window…..

  • Effie

    it fell down for a reason… don’t eat there.

  • kjhdwkh

    They are adding 5 new windows per the permit on the window. 3 are already in. Beyond that I don’t know

  • JL

    I’ve heard he’s not going to be able to stay open for much longer.

    • anonymous

      He has had the building up for sale for several million but has stated publicly in articles on gentrification that he “ain’t going nowhere”. I guess that he means unless he can cash out on that dump

  • Derek

    I ran by on Sunday and it looked like they were putting in a takeout window.


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