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“residents can visit the truck at Adams Morgan to snap a selfie and have it printed on a free pancake”

by Prince Of Petworth August 24, 2016 at 10:05 pm 19 Comments


From an email:

“Food trucks, state-of-the-art technology and selfies: the Holiday Inn Express brand knows these are a few of guests’ favorite things. The hotel brand is bringing its popular Pancake Selfie Express to the people of Washington, D.C. with its latest Pancake Selfie Express tour, rolling into the nation’s capital on Thursday, Aug. 25th & Friday, Aug. 26th. District residents can visit the truck at Adams Morgan to snap a selfie and have it printed on a free pancake made by the brand’s super smart, one-touch pancake machine. Just push a button and get a pancake in 60 seconds. Genius!”


  • Sen. Blutarsky

    Please say I can personalize it with a message that says “eat me”

  • anon

    I’m racking my brain and can’t come up with anything I want less than a pancake with a selfie on it.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      You want Syphilis more than a pancake with a selfie on it. Really.

      • Anon

        Syphillis can be cured, whereas selfies refuse to die.

        • INWDC

          Comment of the millennia.

      • anon

        Syphilis would at least be fun to get. A selfie pancake from a discount hotel’s marketing truck, not so much.

        • Ashy Oldlady

          You like syphilis, I like pancakes. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • SaraEP

    This is just bizarre.

  • E

    I’ve experienced these “one touch 60 second” pancake machines. Believe me, when you are in a crowded hotel executive lounge with about 50 other people and waiting in line trying to have a quick meal before heading off to whatever meeting is on your schedule, 60 seconds can seem like an eternity for one measly pancake.

  • ah

    Better to eat your own face than to have some bath-salt addled guy eat your face.

  • I’m no Old Testament scholar, but isn’t a selfie-pancake-making truck one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

    • Steve F

      Revelations is in the New Testament…As far as Old Testament, I believe Sodom and Gomorrah were condemened in large part because of their selfie-pita bread vendors.

  • wdc

    I’m guessing it’s some kind of advant-garde performance art? But what’s the message??

  • Kathryn-DC

    It amazes me what people are willing to stand in line for

  • hiphop anonymous

    How do you do, fellow kids?

  • TJ

    Presumably Holiday Inn Express did some marketing research before embarking on this strange adventure. And that is scary.

    • anon

      Hey, what hotel do you want to stay in next weekend?
      How about Holiday Inn Express?
      Why there?
      Well, they gave me a pancake with a selfie on it one time in Adams Morgan.

  • CultOfSherry

    How about we…
    eat each other’s faces for breakfast. on pancakes.

  • #pancakeselfieobserver

    Sadly, my husband stood in line for 30 minutes in San Francisco to get his face immortalized on a pancake. It’s a clever promotion. If you tweet/share the photo with a hashtag, then you get a t-shirt. So they’re having all these people do free marketing, for whatever that is worth.

    The shockingly bad part: This pancake was brought home from San Francisco last October and was displayed until the 4th of July when some unruly kids broke it in half. It was still intact and didn’t break down or spoil in anyway. So imagine what that pancake does when it’s inside of you.


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