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Behold this Marketing Campaign for The Vintage in Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2016 at 12:55 pm 61 Comments

behold mt p

Thanks to Dean for sending:

“banner on the burnt out church in Mt. Pleasant being renovated.”

From Valor Development:

“About This Project
3146 16th St., NW, Washington, DC

The Vintage is Valor Development’s newest multifamily offering. Comprised of 85 well-appointed units, The Vintage combines the luxury feel of a boutique hotel with the well thought out amenities of a large scale community. Conveniently located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, just 2 blocks from DCUSA Center and the Columbia Heights Metro, The Vintage truly has it all.”

rendering via Valor Development

  • NH Ave Hiker

    what does that even mean

    • INWDC

      It means if you buy/rent here you’ll get to live with other bearded tools with overly-styled do’s who have highways exploding out of their chests.


      Snark aside I’m happy to see this particular building rehabbed.

      • Blithe

        D’uh! I took a second look to see the “exploding highway”. When I glanced at this obviously-not-directed-at-me ad, I took it for a hallucinatory haze of pot smoke.

  • Anonymous

    What makes the units “well-appointed”? What are the “well thought out amenities”? This is really lacking in details.
    And “located in the heart of Mount Pleasant”? No, not quite. More like on the easternmost boundary of Mt P, along a significant commuter route, across from a high school. Yikes.

    • If you think this is lacking in details wait til you read the forthcoming press release for the Trump hotel renovation.

  • RobotGraphicDesigner

    I don’t know what part of the flyer captures the true spirit of Mt. Pleasant more; the nightclub monogram, or the California freeway

    • bruno

      Sorry; if you’re facing 16th Street, you’re not in Mount Pleasant… you’re just not.

      • Ummmm, are you in some kind of MtP/Columbia Heights purgatory?
        If you live on the west side of 16th St, you are in Mount Pleasant. If you live on the east side of 16th St you are in Columbia Heights.

        • bruno

          No, no… it’s not the same. 16th Street is noisy and loud and full of traffic. Mount Pleasant is quiet, bosky, hard to get to, hidden. It’s a different feel. His place is de factor Columbia Heights. (It certainly faces it).

          • It’s real hard to walk three blocks from the metro.

          • textdoc

            Note of recent-historical interest:.
            A friend of mine grew up (and lived as an adult) on the 1700 block of Hobart Street in Mount Pleasant. Circa 2000, the walk from the Columbia Heights Metro Station to Mount Pleasant Street was sufficiently sketchy that my friend — a GUY — would instead Metro to Dupont Circle and take the 42 bus home from there.
            It’s amazing how much parts of D.C. have changed.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Every neighborhood has a border with another neighborhood. If both neighborhoods deny that houses on the border are in the neighborhood, does that mean the house is in neither neighborhood and thus in no neighborhood. Houses on the west side of North Capitol Street are in NW. Houses on the east side of North Capitol Street are in NE. Houses on the south side of Eastern Avenue are in DC. Houses on the north side of Eastern Avenue are in the state of Maryland. Similarly with 16th Street…

          • MM

            Hidden? It’s on the map, served by one metro line, 3 bus lines and the circulator.

          • c



        • textdoc

          What Jeslett said.
          If your building is on the west side of 16th Street, you’re in Mount Pleasant. Yes, it’s the edge of Mount Pleasant, and the edge of Mount Pleasant doesn’t feel the same as Mount Pleasant does a block or two to the west… but it’s still Mount Pleasant.
          Although this building isn’t geographically in the heart of Mount Pleasant, it _is_ close to Mount Pleasant’s commercial corridor, i.e., Mount Pleasant Street.

          • bruno

            It’s close to Mt. Pleasant, yes… but its vibe is Columbia Heights. But advertising and real estate are about illusion, right? Jeslett is right about bosky. And I think Narnia is a good synonym for Mt. Pleasant.

          • textdoc

            Eh, the vibe is “edge of Mount Pleasant.” How would the vibe be different from the apartment buildings on the east side of Mount Pleasant Street?

          • ae

            What textdoc said…

        • textdoc

          And what is “bosky”?

          • Wooded.
            I think bruno is in Narnia, not MtP.

          • INWDC

            ^ actual lol at that comment

          • textdoc

            Good one, Jeslett. :)

      • Anon

        So the Mt. P library isn’t in Mt. P? Because it’s like one building away from the “Vintage.”

        • bruno

          The library entrance does not face 16th Street…… I tell you, once you face that awful road, you have left Mt. Pleasant.

          • bruno

            Across 16th Street is Bell Multicultural High School/Columbia Heights campus. That’s what residents will face out their windows, their backs to Mount Pleasant…. roaring buses! Hastening Maryland commuters! Roistering students!

          • Anon

            The library entrance DID face Mt P street from the time it opened in 1925 until it was renovated in 2012. The grand entrance still faces 16th St although access is now from Lamont St.
            The building is part of Mt Pleasant neighborhood – this is a fact. You can see this on any city map.

          • Bruno

            @Anon: You mean 16th Street, not Mt. Pleasant Street. The old entrance was on a corner of Lamont and 16th Street but did not face directly onto the bustle of 16th Street. And, as you note, now the entrance faces Lamont Street in fact…. what I allude to hear is the vine of the Mt. Plez hood — once you face onto 16th St., the magic is lost and that old Columbia Heights feel kicks in.

        • Anon

          Right, the entrance did face east/towards 16th St until 2012; the library is set back twenty steps (?) from the sidewalks of 16th St.
          Do you consider the library in Mt Pleasant?
          By the way, I think you’re being ridiculous claiming that because this building faces 16th St, still within the boundaries of Mt Pleasant, that it should be considered Columbia Heights.

          • bruno

            This building is just over the border. I am not being ridiculous. I live in Mt. Pleasant. I tell you, when I walk in front of these buildings on my way home, I don’t feel like I am in Mt. Pleasant. I feel like I am in Columbia Heights. When I turn the corner onto Lamont, I feel I have entered Mt. Pleasant. Yes, there are delimitations to neighborhoods, and this building is just over the line…. I say this in consideration of those who read this ad. I think it’s misleading. This building is in the Columbia Hts feel zone… the library, just around the corner, is safely in Mt. Pleasant. (When, for example, does one leave DuPont Circle and enter Adams Morgan? Willard Street? U Street? Don’t you sense that, somewhere, you’ve left one and entered the other?)

          • textdoc

            ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

          • ae

            Your “feel” zone has no bearing on the designated neighborhood of this building! You may “feel” it is in Columbia Heights but it is absoutely in Mt. Pleasant. The neighborhood boundary is 16th St. West side Mt P, east side Col.Hgts.
            If you think otherwise, cite a map that proves your point.
            What you “feel” does not equal reality

          • bruno

            The owner is not going to live in a city map. The owner is going to live in a real environment. If they move into this hipster pad, they will be exposed to the environment of Columbia Heights, not of Mt. Pleasant. .Mt. Pleasant will be to their back, and they’ll have to walk around the corner to get it.

  • Eric Luntz

    Things are about to get weird, guys!

  • jumpingjack

    Interesting that they picked a shot of DC that’s absolutely nowhere near the building. (And arguably isn’t in DC at all – I think that’s taken from VA of the 14th Street Bridge looking towards the Jefferson Memorial?)

  • Brooklander

    yeah okay, I could see marinating a chicken in that

  • lmfb

    The hipster from Vintage and the Marie Antoinette from the Shay should get together. A modern DC romance…

  • Anon

    Looking good Justin!

    • Anonymous


    • I Dont Get It

      LOL. I don’t think they can afford the real Justin.

      • textdoc

        We accept no imitations!

    • LOL, well played sir or madam.

  • HMinDC


  • Commentator

    Someone is a fan of True Detective (and season 2, no less).

    • INWDC

      Man did that show go off the rails in season 2.

      • stacksp

        So much promise from Season 1

      • stacksp

        Its replacement, The Night Of is pretty good.

        • INWDC

          Oh I didn’t realize The Night Of was a replacement for it. I’m liking that show so far.

          • NotGrinchandNotScrooge

            Love that show, hate all the foot stuff with John Turturro.

  • Anonymous

    I guess they were going for ‘Cool guy in DC’s fast lane’ but it comes across as trying too hard to hip.

    My two cents, this type of real estate marketing is a waste. Buyers, at least semi-serious buyers, looking for a condo at a certain price in certain area(s) / zip code(s) set alerts and keep their eyes on everything that hits the market that is in range. This poster will get people to attend an open house after weekend brunch or a weekday sales event (with refreshments) but my guess is it leads to few sales. Maybe a realtor will chime in and explain how wrong I am.

    • Anonymous

      trying too hard to be hip.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Wait, so this is going to be an…apartment?

  • kaloramagrl

    Pretty sure I saw the guy in this ad on Bumble.

  • ***

    This all feels so 2002 stock photography.

  • bruno

    Whitehurst Freeway superimposed on a hipster?

  • SaraEP

    Is this kind of marketing effective for potential buyers? Seems like kind of a waste of money on Valor’s part. I think it’s pretty cheesey.

    • Anon

      But the CEO’s kids in marketing need something to do!

      • SaraEP

        lol this is true

  • P. Lecheval

    Elevated highway enthusiasts who are in ZZ Top tribute bands with their fraternity brothers seem to be a rather niche market they’re going after.

    • anon

      How about dapper derelict?

      • textdoc

        Well… every girl IS crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man.

  • MM

    Stupid, stupid name. Ugh. For that reason alone – thumbs down. For the also-stupid sign, two thumbs down


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