“Some readers might be interested in the First Street Tunnel’s response to ongoing armed robberies in northern Bloomingdale”

by Prince Of Petworth July 8, 2016 at 2:15 pm 6 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

Some readers might be interested in the First Street Tunnel’s response to ongoing armed robberies in northern Bloomingdale. As I understand their message, they intend to make no changes in light of these assaults. I have contact McDuffie’s office to request further action.”

We are very sorry to learn of last evening’s robberies on Channing Street, Adams and First Streets. Most importantly, we are distressed to learn that your friend was a victim in one of these robberies.

DC Water and Skanska Jay Dee have been working with the Metropolitan Police Department throughout the construction of the First Street Tunnel. MPD has authority for policing the area and we work with them should they require access to our construction staging areas (CSA). In addition, we hired off-duty MPD officers to patrol the CSAs (20 hours per week), and have site security during all off hours, including weekends, at our jobsites and the Bryant Street Alternative Parking Area. Also, to improve security around the immediate vicinity of our work areas, we installed lights around the CSAs and mirrors to prevent pedestrian blind spots. However, our security guards are not authorized to make arrests or use force. If they see something suspicious, they report it to MPD. Similarly, concerns related to crime in the neighborhood should be directed to MPD.

Please know that your concerns about criminal behavior are deeply troubling to all of us and we continue to look to MPD for the safety and protection of the entire community.

  • Gloomingdale

    So how exactly are this construction and the robberies related?

    • neighbor

      Have you walked through there? The construction walk through create a ton of areas where it’s easy to ambush someone such that the assault is not visible to neighbors and has an easy escape route. The set up is great for muggers, but I’m not sure what else they could do. If the close off the whole area people will complain about that too.

      • Nathan

        BS on the lights around the CSA. Half the time they aren’t working. 2 nights ago they were off along with the street lights abutting their wall on Adams. It was pitch black. They need to significantly increase the off-duty MPD officers patrolling the area. I never see them, likely that 20 hours is spread over all their sites. As for the on site security, they’re useless. I’ve seen them sleeping in their cars.

    • KellyKapowski

      It has created a large patch of dead-end roads with little to no car traffic. They’ve also put up large artificial walls that reduce visibility considerably. It’s just become a very isolated, dark patch in the city and it’s not surprising that people have realized how easy it is to mug people on foot in the area.

      • KellyKapowski

        Obviously it’s not the single reason for all of the crime (Bloomingdale had crime before the project and I’m sure there will be some after) but it does feel like it has led to an increase lately, and that increase is highly concentrated in the streets immediately surrounding the construction site.

  • frank

    “have site security during all off hours” – these guys are there to protect equipment and give a damn about the neighborhood. The contractor even admitted this during a neighborhood community meeting. Time for all of them to get the f out. They are not welcome.


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