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“Share Space D.C. is a free co-working space located inside of Mulebone”

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2016 at 9:55 am 15 Comments

2121 14th Street, NW

From an email:


8AM – 5PM

It’s time to pack up your laptop, grab your favorite travel mug and begin creating. We’re excited to introduce D.C.’s newest and most accessible collaborative co-working space, Share Space D.C. No longer is the “Next Big Idea” limited to the traditional means of cultivation. The old ways of doing things are becoming obsolete. The workplace is wherever we are!

Share Space D.C. is a free co-working space located inside of Mulebone | 2121 14th St NW, Washington, DC.

Open 8 am – 5 pm , Mon – Fri beginning Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Complimentary organic, direct trade coffee will be served on opening day

Amenities Include

Free WiFi
· Ample outlets
· Meeting & events room
· Printer / fax
· Networking opportunities
· Healthy eats
· Refreshing drinks
· Inspiration
· Free lectures and workshops
· High ceilings with exposed duct work
· Daily happy hour
· Games, puzzles & other FUN STUFF


  • dave

    how could this be? how long will it last like this??

  • anon

    Are they selling things to (non-)members somehow? Stealing data from their computers? …their brains?

  • neighbor

    I guess this place it struggling?
    Seems like a coffee shop, but you don’t actually have to buy anything?

  • skj84

    So basically Mulebone will be used for coworking space during its non service hours? I think that’s pretty genius actually. There is actually a movement of restaurants opening their doors to coworking spaces when not in use.

  • Brentwood

    It looks like the space is typically empty during the day (yelp lists hours as 5-11 weeknights. If the coffee is only free on opening day, and they also sell snacks and whatnot (not to mention if there’s a package purchase for printing and fax services, seems like a good way to activate the space, make some extra revenue, and get more people in the door.

    • Bloomy


  • Truxton Thomas

    Presumably they expect to sell enough food and drink to make this profitable, no? Separately, thank goodness they have exposed duct work—I can never get any work done without it!

  • MoldieOldie

    this is a novel idea. basically, our business sucks so lets make it suck more so we can go out of business faster.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    This is lacking a lot of the amenities included in real coworking spaces, like a real mailing address, mailroom services, concierge services, etc.

    • CHGal

      You get what you pay for.

    • INWDC

      True, but you’ll also fork over about $300+ a month at places like WeWork for a basic membership. This place is free …and will probably be more like a coffeshop vs. a traditional shared workspace. Sidenote, I’ve eaten here twice. Service was excellent both times, appetizers were so-so…except for the fried chicken skins (!!!!!), entrees were delicious, and some of the drinks like the bourbon punch are very tasty. While probably not good for their business it – thankfully – lacks the 14th street crowd bloat that is off plagues much of 14th street.

  • Brentwood

    Seems if you need that level of amenities, the space probably isn’t for you. I work from home 2x a week, and sometimes need some ambient noise and I want to stretch a snack over a couple of hours, but not everyday I know a guy who is building a coworking space to rent out, where there’s a couple of tiers of membership based on the extras and and footprint you want. If you need a printer, mailroom, materials storage, there’s one tier, and another for just wifi & table if you just need to get out of your house to write your novel. — That’s more than I need, but great for other people. Different markets.

    • P. Lecheval

      Then why not just go to Starbucks?

  • Novelist

    Because other starbucks patrons (and employees) start giving you the death glare after a while. And sometimes you want a decent printer?

  • Regal of Randolph

    After living in DC 5 years, this is how I believe restaurants will operate within 1.5 years.

    Morning> Co-working/Event Space (non-peak hours)
    Evening> Restaurant
    Late Night> Ultra Lounge (Friday and Sunday)
    Off Peak> Bottomless Mimosa and Brunch
    Off Peak> Day Parties
    And then, whenever the business closes or rent gets too high and they force closure> Pop-Up {conceptual restaurants and boutique shops}


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