Washington, DC

power outage

A reader reports Sunday night:

“We are moving into hour 48+ of Pepco response at 14 & V. That large vehicle on left, partially obscured by tree, says “diesel” on side. That, and the constant very loud engine noise over the last 24+ hours, and we have surmised that they are powering the building on the corner with a generator.

First, absolute shout out to Pepco & Pepco workers. There has been a large team in yellow safety vests all weekend, working around the clock, in long pants and horrible heat – and every time I’ve looked out my window they have been working their butts off. Pepco even apparently brings in food and refreshments, as there are tents set up with buffet and stacks of drinks. Very much exceeded my expectations in terms of big energy company taking care of workers, and workers working tail off all weekend.

Second, what on earth is going on and when will it be over? I’ve searched online and everything seems to say resolved – but the fact that V street is still closed to traffic, diesel generator still pumping, and yellow vests still swarming begs to differ.
Any news?”


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