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  • Frank

    Well that explains everything, thanks.

  • jumpingjack

    Aw man, Google Translate doesn’t offer image translation from Amharic (that is Amharic, right?). I was so excited to try out that feature.


    As long as it doesn’t say “small plates,” “craft cocktails,” or “amazing [noun of choice here]” then I’m in.

  • nevermindtheend

    According to a coworker, it just says the restaurant will open shortly and wants to employ staff.

    • :) Thank you!

    • KenyonDweller

      I came here to say it looks like a help wanted sign. (No, I can’t read it.)

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I wish them well but I’d think it’d be hard for a new Ethiopian restaurants to carve out a niche in an area that’s already served by a large number of Ethiopian restaurants. (Google maps counts 17 Ethiopian restaurants in an ~6 block radius around 14th and U)

    • jumpingjack

      There’s an economic concept called a business cluster, wherein businesses of the same type cluster together, and it benefits all of them.

    • anonymous

      Near 14th & U, perhaps, but that’s half a mile away, and many of those are closer to 9th Street, which starts to get kind of “far” if you’re in Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle. I get that in absolute terms a mile isn’t far, but when you’re used to everything being within 2-3 blocks, you start to get really lazy. Meskerem and Dahlak shut down (both because their buildings were sold), Adams Morgan Coffee Shop closes before dinner (and is more of a quick or take out option than a nice, sit-down meal), and Keren is always completely packed (and Eritrean, if you want to be picky). The area also has a history of having a concentration of Ethiopian restaurants/shops, which gets to jumpingjack’s point about it being a cluster.
      It’s arguable, but I don’t think the market is necessarily oversaturated. As someone who lives in the neighborhood I’m really happy that we’re getting some more Ethiopian options nearby, and even happier that it’s not another “club”.

      • Jim Nixon

        You don’t know just yet that it won’t be a nightclub! NY Diva started as a “restaurant” and so did Sutra/Savour before their quick transitions into problem-spot nightclubs soon after their “restaurant” liquor licenses were obtained.


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