Today’s Rental “boasts 1 possibly 2 bedrooms”

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2016 at 2:35 pm 17 Comments

407 P Street Northwest

This rental is located at 407 P Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautiful condo boasts 1 possibly 2 bedrooms or living room, 2 baths, hardwood floors, updated kitchen, stacked front loading washer/dryer, and steel deck. Kitchen consists of granite counter tops, island and updated appliances. Walking distance to Shaw, Convention Center and Chinatown Metro Station. Quick walk to new O St Market, Penn Quarter, and Mt Vernon neighborhood. Available immediately!”


This 1 possibly 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,700/Mo.

  • anon

    how can something possibly have 2 bedrooms? It either does or doesn’t.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a 1BR apartment that they are somehow pretending is 2BRs (if you don’t want a living room?). Overpriced IMHO.

      • textdoc

        Wait wait wait… the “den” is actually the living room?? In that case, they can’t/shouldn’t call it a “1-bedroom plus den.” You can’t call it a “possibly two-bedroom” apartment if two bedrooms means NO LIVING ROOM.
        This isn’t like Japan, where a living room is a separate option that may or may not come with the unit. (There, a 1K is one room (like a studio) plus a kitchen, a 1DK is one room plus a dining room and kitchen, and a 1LDK is one room plus a living room, a dining room, and kitchen.)

    • textdoc

      They should just call it a “1-bedroom plus den.” People in D.C. are familiar with the concept of “den” — a room that doesn’t qualify as a bedroom but can be used as a bedroom.

      • victoria

        But where is the “den?” I only see one bedroom and a living room. So you could make the living room the “Possible” second bedroom? Hell, why not put an airbed in the kitchen and go for 3?

        • textdoc

          See subsequent posts. I (and many other readers) assumed that when the listing said “1 possibly 2 bedrooms,” it meant that the unit was a 1-bedroom plus den.
          It’s not. The real estate agent is proposing using the living room as the second bedroom. Ridiculous!

  • LittleBluePenguin

    hell no. I lived on the Upper West Side in NYC for this price, and while ours was a tiny 1 br-converted-to-3-br apartment, with the narrow hallway and galley kitchen, all the bedrooms had doors and there was a sort-of living room area to boot. Way overpriced.

  • Anon Spock

    Actual 2/2 rented for about 2300 1 block away with a garage last summer. Very very overpriced.

    • James W

      Yeah that caliber of a 1BR in that location should be closer to $1,800… they’re only overpriced by about 50 percent…

  • Anon

    So you’re saying it’s a junior 2-bedroom?

  • ***

    When DC is renting for more than NYC, we have a problem.

    • Anonymous

      …it just takes one moron with plenty of money.

  • So it’s a 1 bedroom they’re trying to rent out as a 2br for a 2br price – got it. I mean, any room can be a bedroom if you try hard enough, I guess.

    • JS

      It’s the Mitch Hedberg theory of bedrooms.

  • CHGal

    Based on the title, I assumed they were passing off a den as a second BR. But the living room? Come on!

    • textdoc


  • textdoc

    And it looks as though half of it is below grade!


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