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  • Blithe

    Awesome!!! Is IDGI at it again?!!!!!

    • I Dont Get It

      It’s not Derby weekend ;-)

  • Blithe

    Doubletake: There’s no leash rule for horses? Even on the INSIDE of the fence?

  • JB

    You can lead a horse to Watergate…

    • Truxton Thomas


      • textdoc


  • NEDC

    By the way – they’re real … and they’re spectacular.

  • Screw you, Kanye.

    • palisades


  • Florista

    We have horse parks now?

  • bll

    today, in horse’s ass nominees…

  • Jeff

    Wild horse roaming around DC? What a NightMARE!

  • Jessica

    Due to budget cuts all grassy areas in DC parks will be mowed by horse this summer.

    • Mamasaneigh

      I am 100% behind this idea.

  • Mike

    Wait till he looks up.

  • Aaron

    and the winner of the 2016 Horse’s Ass Award goes too…

  • anon

    this reminds me of a lingering question…. two Saturday nights ago I saw two guys on horses strolling down U street. did any one else see that???

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s now a “thing.” I think some of these guys have moved on from ATVs and dirt bikes.
      No clue if DC regs allow a person to ride a horse on public streets.

      • SilverSpringGal

        Ohhh, that’s cool. I prefer horses to ATVs any day.

  • Effie

    Wait, okay, so why are there horses?

  • ET

    Sort of weird to see a horse in the city beyond those being ridden by Park Police. Some guy had ridden one into DC about 2 years ago and “parked” it on Penn SE near the Sweetgreen and definitely drew attention from everyone (including the police of which there were several). I definitely did a double take. I wonder what the story on this one is.

  • junton

    There goes the NEIGHborhood.

    • LS

      Mr. Ed goes to Washington.

      • Blithe

        Sooooo much horsing around here today.! But hay, I guess the mane thing is that we’re all ponying up our comments and having a good time — from the equine to the ridiculous! :-)

        • I Dont Get It

          Just say neigh!

  • NelsonAndBlueskin

    “Oh, you’re here to pay tribute to Washington? I’m here to visit to Nelson, my 7x Great Grandhorse”

  • I Dont Get It

    DC’s hottest new Belgian concept large plate restaurant, Cheval, has finally opened in Foggy Bottom!

    • textdoc

      Well done, sir.

    • Blithe


    • Mamasaneigh

      Internet = won = by you

  • textdoc

    Shouldn’t Philippe be somewhere in this thread?

  • Jen

    For Hillary’s newest campaign strategy, a horse has been installed in Washington Circle–viewable only from the ass side–thus giving DC a true glimpse of what a Trump presidency would look like.

  • Planner

    Stop horsing around – the long weekend doesn’t start until Friday, after work!

  • figby

    The logical end to SafeTrack


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