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via DC Water

This is pretty great (jump directly to the Map here) – from DC Water:

“Lead service lines were predominately installed prior to the mid-1950s in the District of Columbia, but there are records of lead service lines being installed as late as 1977. You can use the map at right to see if your property has or might have a lead service line, based on DC Water’s records and other available information.

Prior to 1977, the property owner was responsible for the installation, repair and replacement of the water service line from the building to the water main in public space. After 1977, the District (now DC Water, since 1996) assumed the responsibility for maintaining water service lines in public space. Although property owners were and still are required to obtain a permit when they repair or replace their service line, some property owners may not have reported this information to the District/DC Water. Therefore, while DC Water has pipe material data for service line sections of some homes, we cannot guarantee the data is accurate for every property.

The District/DC Water has collected pipe material data for service lines based on permit records, water main tap records, meter records, and maintenance, repair and replacement work. If available, DC Water has recorded the type of pipe material by the sections of the service line in public space and the portion from the property line to the building.”


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