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“This is part rant, part psa”

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2016 at 2:00 pm 8 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I live in Kalorama triangle / adams morgan on mintwood pl. Two weeks ago my brand new road bike was stolen from mintwood, even with a u lock, and only out from 5-10pm. Yesterday my car was broken into, and they stole golf clubs set from trunk. Nothing was out in the car cabin to draw attention. And today I see what looks like the ol’ sign post removal trick and a bike missing that is always parked there.

This is part rant, part seeking of a psa: bring anything of value inside. Your “safe” address is not a shield, and your u lock will do nothing to a determined thief. Get rental insurance with a low deductible. Be vigilant and report suspicious activity. Consider taking the city up on vouchers for police-accessible home security cameras.”

Another reader reports a:

“rash of garage break ins at Logan Circle Tuesday night.”

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  • Jeff

    Every time I see a bike locked to a sign post I wonder if a thief would be brazen enough to use a stool/ladder/box, remove the sign and slide the bike up and off the post. I guess this answers my question. Very unfortunate for the owner of the bike.

    • goodbye sweet schwinn

      Yup I had my bike stolen from right in front of Union Station like that — there u-locked to a pole with a sign, and then no more sign and no more bike. I only lock to bike racks/fences/etc. now.

  • General Grant Circle

    Nothing is safe anywhere unfortunately.
    Good neighborhoods get targeted for better stuff
    Bad neighborhoods get targeted for ease

  • D

    Yep, had my car broken in to and Glover Park and my husband’s bike was stolen in Cleveland Park. Fancy address does not safety make.

  • Ruth

    What a weird choice for a picture. Are you suggesting that guy about to cross the street is the thief?

    • Anonymous

      It’s a picture of a pole with the signs removed, as mentioned in the post. The person in the background is incidental, just like the buildings, the trees, the parked car, the fence, and the white truck.

      • anon

        ha at first i thought this too, but yea it’s just about the sign being removed from a post so something could be stolen more easily.

  • xminustdc

    I’m curious about where the garage break-ins in Logan were. I live at Vermont/N and our building’s garage was broken in to twice at the end of March. There were also some cars broken into/windows smashed on Friday in an alley off 13th between M and N. In our building, we believe the person had a fob that gave them access to the garage, but no confirmation of that fact. Because they broke in twice, it almost seems like they were just bored and wanted to break some windows– or wanted to intimidate– as everyone who had stuff stolen the previous time had everything out of their cars by the time the second break-in happened (less than a week later). Weird.


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