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  • Was there last night. So many memories.

  • Drunk guy in the corner

    Millie and Al’s was a unique establishment in DC. An actual dive bar (unlike the faux-dives that have been popping up lately), with actual regulars, cheap drinks, and bartenders who would remember your name. A karaoke night that never took itself seriously. It was a frat basement without the douche factor, someplace you could get unabashedly shitfaced without having to deal with the popped-collar set who were – at least until recently – afraid to venture east of Connecticut Avenue. It lacked pretension, and seemed to have the mystical quality of eliminating any pretentiousness of the various patrons who entered it’s doors – which, as any native Washingtonian knows, is something that is virtually impossible in this town.

    And the smell – that glorious and unmistakable combination of jello, beer, vomit, and, at least until recently, smoke. That smell would stay on your body, hair and clothes for days, like an invisible but omnipresent badge of honor. It is burned into my memory – just thinking about it makes me both gag and smile.

    I’ll be there tonight.

    PS – the pizza was ok.


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