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Private trash companies in DC?

by Prince Of Petworth April 6, 2016 at 2:00 pm 9 Comments

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Private trash companies in DC

“We’re looking for recommendations for private trash companies that operate in DC. We live in a six unit condo building and are looking for options outside of our current one. Thanks!”

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  • kjb27

    I’m in a four unit condo building in NE and we use Tenleytown Trash for a trash/recycling pick up once a week, for around $139/month. So far, so good.

    • [rrrrr]

      Ditto this exactly, but in NW. Happy with the service so far (building has been active for about 6 months). They also picked up my Christmas tree, no hassles, but that’s been my only experience outside the standard service.

      • [rrrrr]

        Actually, just realize kjb26 said Trash/Recycling is picked up once a week. We have twice a week trash and once a week recycle, same price though.

        • Ditto! And because my alley has a lot of buildings that use Tenleytown Trash, sometimes we get pick-ups even more frequently if they happen to be there anyway serving other buildings.

      • Adding my name to the Tenleytown list. My current condo building has used them for almost six years and they are great. We had a trash bin go missing a few weeks ago and I called them up and we had a new one the next morning. Most of the buildings that share our alley use them as well.

  • Petworth

    William Braxton Trash Co. services my 4-unit. $116/month + tax, so I think it’s about $125 total.

    They go above and beyond. Had maybe 10 contractor bags of yard waste last spring that wouldn’t fit in the cans. They’re not obligated to take anything outside the cans, but the extra waste made it onto the truck a couple weeks later.

    • ParkViewRes

      +1 – I use William Braxton for my business (we’re in a townhouse) and they’re great and affordable.

  • JoDa

    At two different buildings, we’ve caught Tenleytown dumping our recyclables in the trash, and sometimes not even coming on recycling day (because they dumped all the cans in the trash truck a day or two before). Every building I own in now uses Bowie and likes them. They are $15-50/year more expensive than Tenley depending on configuration/number of cans/pickups, but we all felt strongly that (a) we actually wanted our recyclables recycled, and (b) that we were exposing ourselves to potential fines if we did nothing (and DPW started looking for ways to make a quick buck) since we knew the recyclables were being improperly handled.


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