• Matt

    This city has become so embarrassing. The city is hosting the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament at the Verizon Center and this happens. Good grief, D.C. #StayClassy

    • nevermindtheend

      I figured it was because of the people who came for the tournament. There have certainly been a ton of cops in the area all day keeping an eye on things, so it seems like they anticipated something happening.

    • Kevin

      Oh come on. I don’t know how long you’ve lived here but as someone who’s been here since the 80’s I can tell you DC is in vastly better shape than it once once.

      But it IS a city. Sh#t happens.

      • tom

        Yeah, but the crime stats are quite clear. The Sh#t still happens in DC more than our walkable knowledge city peers: Bos, NYC, SF, Seattle.

        • skeeter

          No love for Chicago?

          • Dadric

            Nah. People in Chicago aren’t anywhere near intolerable and insufferable enough for the city to be considered a peer of NYC, Boston, DC, or SF. Plus, given the quality of American geography education on the East Coast, you’d be lucky if they could find the Great Lakes on a map, let alone Chicago or Minneapolis.

          • tom

            Chicago and Philly are also peer cities in many ways, but their crime rates are also pretty high. Not exactly models to emulate. Plus, they remain more blue collar cities than they other and have higher de-industrialization issues/poverty rates than DC.

        • makie

          Happens wayyyy more in SF, they just don’t report it. dude (stranger) broke into my house there and started throwing stuff, no police report. case of “boys will be boys.”

      • phl2dc

        That doesn’t mean it’s not deplorable.

    • Ryan

      Do you have more details? What exactly is the “this” that happened?

      • ontarioroader

        Juveniles fighting, pepper sprayed was involved.

    • TJ

      You should have seen it in the 1980s and 90s. We are worlds away better now.

  • tom

    I can’t believe something big would happen here of all places.

    • annonny

      I hope you’re being facetious. The alley leading to the movie theater and the area in front of Chipotle is usually a hang out for obnoxious teens trying to show off by shouting at passers-by, bickering with each other, behaving in mildly threatening ways (e.g., stare-downs with pedestrians, catcalling, following people who obviously want to be left alone), and generally being anti-social. Not surprised by this at all.

      • INDC

        Agreed. This part of Chinatown has zero appeal. I used to work in the area and always avoided this stretch. One afternoon when I was heading to lunch I was about to cross the intersection of 7th and H headed when this large construction truck layed on his horn. It wasn’t immediately clear why he did it, then I noticed a crazed dude standing directly in front of the truck (Tiananmen Square style) in the middle of the intersection. It was just another normal day in this neighborhood.

      • tom

        Yeah, being sarcastic. Between the unsupervised teens and homeless/mentally ill, this area is generally a sh#t show on a pretty regular basis.

        • jdre

          It’s weird, too – if Monumental Entertainment wanted to, they could hire some security guard types to walk the area, and make it less appealing for people to “loiter” (lets call it). I don’t mean to say everyone hanging out around the Verizon Center is committing any crime, but it is a curiously loud block to walk by, and doesn’t make for great PR for the multi-million dollar facilities and businesses inside. Other smaller businesses might not have the money or the resources – but Monumental surely could have a few security guards asking folks to move along, and whatnot (actually, I think they do have guards or employees of some sort, they are usually just outside smoking and not giving a crap).

          • annonny

            Yeah, I’ve never understood why there isn’t some kind of private security service responsible for making this little stretch a bit more welcoming. I actually avoid that theater simply to avoid the hassle of dealing with this kind of crap.

      • Jan

        I work nearby and walk past the location almost everyday. I’ve never once been cursed at, taunted, stared down or otherwise harassed. Mostly what I see in this location are a number of people who appear to be homeless of unfortunate addicts. I can see how you might think this area is intimidating due to the loitering but it really is not unsafe at all.

        • stacksp


        • annonny

          Interesting perspective. I’ve witnessed or been party to obnoxious behavior a handful of times out of dozens of visits/walk-bys in this area. Nothing ever very serious, but clearly something that’s annoying when one just wants to go to a movie or buy something at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  • stacksp

    Spring is officially here….

  • Derek

    I work in the area, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with the ACC Tourney. There are always a bunch of knuckleheads and unruly teens hanging out there at all times in front of McDonald’s and the Metro.

    • dh


      • LoganGuy

        +2 (I get yelled at or stared down every day)

        • ad

          Used to work in the area few years back
          -Mentally Ill homeless (some very loud and angry)
          -Spice and K2 bags can be found all over the place (once you start looking it’s easy to find)
          -Weekly Zionist tirades by the metro
          – School age teenagers at all times of the day
          Im 6’4 240lbs and chinatown is one of the only places in the city that I generally don’t like going to. I think the teenagers see a big guy and try to act loud in front of their friends. I know its a city but the perimeter of the Verizon center is always pretty bad. One thing they could do would be to get a Truancy officer to walk around looking for kids that should be at school.

          • jdre


    • dcd

      Isn’t this the area where one of the businesses had the noise machine that only teens could hear? Whatever happened with that?

      • nevermindtheend

        I don’t know if they took it away because it was illegal (in DC, discrimination based on age is illegal) or because they realized that lots of young professionals with money could hear it. Regardless, it was a stupid idea and certainly annoyed the hell out of me when I was well out of my teens.

      • HIll Easter

        apparently the ACLU had something to say about it…

      • JS

        It was the area around the 7 & H Metro entrance – it’s no longer in use, but the building owners pipe in classical music from time to time.

  • Anonymous

    Warm weather. I’m sure we’ll have an “All Hands on Deck” call from the Mayor. Crime will be her downfall. Complete lack of understanding or ability to handle the uptick. I’m not sure which.

  • MarkQ

    Police tape? What are we looking at here?

  • Nancy

    That’s a lot of police for just one person being taken away.

  • say what

    Gallery Place is a shithole and hot mess all rolled into one. Too many crazy teens all the time hanging out.

  • James

    Chinatown has to be one of the most unpleasant places in all of DC. If only DC had the courage to pedestrianize the roads surrounding the Verizon Center, policing could be better and folks with more positive intentions would enjoy the space more.

    • Thomas



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