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  • Rich

    It might be about a woman who worked there in the 90s and disappeared one day. I lived in the area at that time and happened to be in the store the last day she was seen. I usually didn’t go through her line, but knew who she was. My recollection was that she was a single mom from east of the Anacostia and I don’t recall if her body was ever found. The Post, which is/was usually a useless source of local news, followed the story on the inside pages for a week or so. Adams-Morgan had a lot of journalists living there, including some Posties, at the time, which may have explained that there was any coverage at all. When the media coverage goes crazy about bad things happening to some blond from Bethesda, I always think of that woman not because she mattered more than a blondie, but because she didn’t deserve to matter less and if the store had been in another neighborhood, no one would have bothered to follow the case at all.

  • Joey

    Georgetown Basketball. They are dead

  • Sam

    Walked by it yesterday afternoon – not sure how long the writing has been there, but the door had something written about a Lamar…?

  • Sarah

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