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  • Nicky

    Hunh. There’s a bakery in there now. I guess they are leaving. I had heard that this was going in above the Silvestre’s a few blocks north, but that’s not what the addresses on the permit say. In any case, we’re excited. I feel bad about Litteri’s taking the hit, though.

    • KSB

      The bakery is staying! That’s 2701 12th. The new italian store from the Menomale folks is going in right next to it, at 2711 12th. Looking forward to checking it out!

      • It’s actually going to be at 2703 (I live above it) – the bakery IS staying, and it is awesome. Her cakes are so great.

  • navyard

    ugh, I read that as “salmonella”.

    • Anon

      Same! Terrible name

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It’s such a brilliant business concept. Overcharging for fancy lunchmeat.


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