• anonymouse_dianne

    Yes, its a group of the 61 offenders he pardoned. He’s taking them out to lunch!

    Mulebone just got a two star revue by Tom Sietsma and was praised in his chat earlier today.

    • neighbor

      Wow. I generally don’t like the food at Shallal’s places and the opening of Eatonville was so botched. I was all primed to hate this place, but that review makes me want to try the place.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Yeah, I’m primed to try it and hoping Shallal’s foodie-ness spreads to B & P as well.

  • dancan

    so awesome he’s eating with them.

  • dancan

    speaking of POTUS — did anyone else see what looked like a motorcade heading down H St NE around 7 pm yesterday? A long line of police motorcycles and cars and SUVs flew by but no one could figure out what was up.

    • heffieb

      That might have been China coming in for the summit. They took a nonstandard route.

  • J


  • bruno

    I passed the scene. It was exciting. Didn’t know he was with pardonees. I thought he might be dining with a bigwig in the nuclear summit.

  • anongardener

    Ha! I saw the motorcade going about 30 minutes ago and thought, Someone’s just been to lunch. Now I know where!

  • Jb

    Watch video on Facebook of POTUS meeting the people before going to lunch. https://www.facebook.com/potus/videos/471576116365567/


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