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  • Guillermo Brown

    Thumbs way up. Also kudos that this is only 4 large apartments. Could have easily been 6-8

  • anonymous

    “A perfect starter home for the well-connected millennial. Why settle for comfortable digs that suit your current well-meaning Legislative Assistant or Program Dirctor lifestyle, when you can move into this villainous and imposing cold slate with room to grow? Start living like the Lobbyist or Contractor that you aspire to be! Serious inquiries only”

    • Hill Denizen

      Funny that you think an LA could afford this.

      • ET

        Only if rich mommy/daddy can put in the down payment and help with the mortgage.

  • The King Ad-Hoc

    Thumbs up on outside appearance.

  • wpk_dc

    Thumbs up! I definitely like the mix of old and new. Nice.

  • anonymouse

    Thumbs down. This incongruous pairing takes ‘home office’ to a new level.

  • I was intrigued about the layout so went to the realty website to see inside. While I like the main living space, the bedrooms are super awkward (and seem very tiny in the photographs, despite these units claiming to be 2000 sq ft each), with no real way to position your bed except partially blocking one or more windows. The exterior I find OK–not offended by it, but don’t necessarily find it visually appealing.

  • Thumbs up. I viewed these a few weeks ago. Those windows are AMAZING from the inside of the house. Top notch build quality.

  • FreshlyAlive

    Thumbs up! But I hate white paint, it’s so boring and plain :( Wish it was beige, burgundy, or something that makes it at least blend in a “little” with the older houses of DC…

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Flats? C’mon, this isn’t Europe.

  • DCMau5

    what is the realty company/website for this project?

    • a-krealestate.com

    • Also, interestingly, the realtor lists each unit as 2,007 sq ft. Zillow & Redfin, however, put them between 1,200-1,400.

      • DcHarlot

        The listing pulls from the original tax record via DC at 2,007 total; RedFin is accurately reporting the actual square footage per unit (per the agent’s individual listings which they registered) but until a sale of these new condos exists, the old tax record is all that the MLS has to go with. It isn’t the realtor inputting the 2,007, it is just pulling from tax record and is completely normal in all conversion projects.

  • anonymous

    It has that nice money laundering machine look to it.

  • Hill Denizen

    Well, they call them “flats,” so they must be fancy.

  • andy2

    Matching older buildings is tough – better to do something like this.
    More please!

  • Columbia hgts buyer

    Visited a few of their builds. Construction is shotty. Lack of detail on final work. For that price grout and trim should not be already falling apart or have gaps.

  • SilverSpringGal

    For those curious, the listing page has prices range from $629,900 for Unit #1 to $849,900 for Unit #4.

    You can go to the realtor’s site and search zip code 20011 to see for yourself.

  • anon

    Huge thumbs down — spiral stairs? wtf?

    • DcHarlot

      What else would you suggest for a fire safety exit on the side of the building? A parachute? Perhaps a zip-line? It is a fire exit route, not meant to welcome guests.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    No way I’d ever want to live in one of those units on that particular block, but the exterior actually looks pretty great.

  • I live next door, so I know a lot about this project. No, really, that’s my grey house in the picture. The developer has been a real mixed bag. The interior is definitely very nice, and I think the modern design is well done, all things considered, though I admit to being disappointed they chose to move the door into the bay window.

    I started getting water on the party wall after the built the additional story. It took 6-8 months to resolve, during which time I couldn’t use my home office due to the smell. They wold frequently just stop responding to texts, emails, or phone calls for weeks at a time. I had two different experts up to examine the work on how siding, flashing, and roofing, and it was described to me as not up to standard. They are supposed to come out and re-do some of it, but they’ve cancelled and/or just not shown up several different times now. They also have some serious brick work to be done on the back side. There are huge gaps in the mortar, and some bricks are literally about to just fall out of the wall. I told them about that months ago, too.

    Since our front yards are connected, I had asked and was hoping to coordinate the landscaping. Instead they just planted a few things in the hard clay and laid down some mulch. They didn’t bother to put in any irrigation, either, so I expect all the plants will be dead by the end of the summer.

    Probably the saddest thing is how original house was all but stolen from the old widow who lived there. When she told me she had sold her home – she wanted to move closer to her son, and was tired of the stairs – I asked her why I had never seen it listed. It turns out she had been approached by some skeezy lawyer/realtor who encouraged her to sell off the market, and she “just trusted him”. Based on public record of sale, knowing what my own appraisals were at the time, and judging that it was an end unit on a double lot, my opinion is that she got only 60-75% of what that house should have sold for, even in the condition it was in.

    None of this should really be surprising. The developer is the infamous Sunil Chhabra, profiled in WAMU’s Flipped Off series – http://wamu.org/projects/house-flipping/#/part1. I hope for everyone’s sake they get the things fixed they need to, and did a better job this time around.

    • transplanted

      Yikes, thanks for the insight. I actually like the look of this one on the outside, but having already lived in a Columbia Heights flip done quickly and terribly (not this developer, but another famously crappy one), I wouldn’t take the chance again.

      • lizcolleena

        Who are all the really poor developers around here? I’m looking to buy a rowhome soon and would love to know who to avoid…

    • ET

      I think I may hate these on principle based on how they got the building from the previous owner.

    • Anon

      Thanks for posting, that’s really important information. This is the kind of thing the community should be sharing.

    • HaileUnlikely


  • Emmaleigh504

    Looks good.

  • anon85

    for the price and the amount of space they had to work with, this kitchen layout is criminal: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1352-Quincy-St-NW-4-Washington-DC-20011/2099485647_zpid/

    in a home with so many windows, why not build an open kitchen that will have access to all that natural light? seems lazy.

  • Debbie

    I live on the other side, not sharing the party wall. The woman who lived there before was a delight — involved back in the day with the civil rights movement. She told me that her husband owned the barber shop that Malcolm X used when he was in town. I feel terrible that she got taken advantage of on the price. Soon after she moved to Florida to be with her son, she passed away.

    On the aesthetics, from my perspective (and I’m looking at it a lot!) it’s not bad for new construction. I actually like the spiral staircase as it adds a bit of visual interest. At one point the balconies were a rusty red color and they looked really nice. Then of course they painted them black. When they were red and the original red brick was unpainted it had a lot more charm.

    On layout, the developer told me that the kitchen isn’t bigger because they had to accommodate load bearing beams from the original structure. It seems like they could have made these units 2 baths instead of 2.5 and provided for more storage, like a pantry to supplement the smaller kitchen.

    It was a shame that they didn’t finish all the punch list for the interior before having the open house, as it made it look shoddy. They did use some high end materials for finishes – saw a lot of Restoration Hardware boxes in the trash.

  • saf

    Down. Way down. Ugly.


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