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A reader reports:

“Curious if anyone knows what is going on at El Tamarindo? I walked by a couple of weeks ago, and they had a health code violation on the door and handmade “Closed” signs on the window. I walked by today and the storefront is papered over, with signs saying they will reopen in April. From the huge dumpsters nearby, it looks like they are ripping out half the restaurant. I can’t imagine that is unrelated to the health code issue?”

Ed. Note: El Tamarindo celebrated their 30th anniversary back in 2012. Also there is a major renovation going on next door at the old De Vinos/Dahlak spaces which may also be using the dumpsters seen. Anyone else hear what’s happening at El Tamarindo. Love ’em or Hate ’em they are definitely an Adams Morgan institution.

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1785 Florida Ave, NW


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