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Adams Morgan Becomes a Gardening Mecca

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2016 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments


The DC Vape Joint is now Grow Club DC:

“Grow Club DC is a cannabis service provider, specializing in equipment set up and maintenance. We examine the needs of our members and provide the indoor or outdoor equipment necessary for them to have a successful grow. We also provide technical support for members that require more attention. If that isn’t enough GCDC offers our premium members the option of having us do their entire grow on their property. This typically applies to handicap/elderly members or people with very busy schedules.”

2337 18th Street, NW

And Wash Hydro has opened across the street. Let the shawarma cannabis battles begin!!

2318 18th Street, NW

  • textdoc

    That’s a rather specialized type of gardening.

  • Anonymous

    Ok but there is already a GCDC : Grilled Cheese DC, near 17th and Penn. If the Grow Club DC plans to use the acronym as shown in this post there could be some confusion (?!)

    • OP Anon

      I sense many business synergies between GCDC and GCDC.
      1. Grow
      2. Grill
      3. PROFIT.

      • prgkmr

        you missed a step.
        1. grow
        2. bake
        3. grill
        4. profit

  • Count Pheasant

    I wish there were an actual gardening store.

    • shmoo

      all hydro stores sell everything (basically) that you would need to start an indoor garden, regardless of what you are growing, whether it is hydroponic gardening, soil gardening, coco gardening, etc.

      • textdoc

        Except the actual plants/seeds/bulbs?

        • shmoo

          no reason to be pedantic. you can order bulbs and seeds online. valid point with actual plants tho, but DC does have other garden stores where you can find those things.

          • textdoc

            I just don’t see it being particularly useful for people who want to grow things other than pot.

          • anonymou

            I agree with shmoo – lots of dc gardeners start their gardens indoors in the winters or want to experiment with hydroponics, and this type of store – where you can see the equipment and talk to someone rather than just ordering blindly online – is actually useful. The seeds are the easiest thing to order online. I

  • Anon

    I thought growing cannabis outdoors in DC was still prohibited.

    • stacksp

      It wont grow outdoors in this area or any area for that matter. Grows are indoors in climate control settings.

      • Anonymous

        Most plants can grow outdoors somewhere.

        • stacksp

          I guess I shouldnt have said “can’t”

          • stacksp

            I hit “post” too soon but I seriously doubt that one would get a quality grow outdoors in this area. Most grow houses are indoors. In more stable climates and with larger grows, there are definitely grows done outdoors especially on the west coast.

          • shmoo

            greenhouse is technically considered outdoors. Im sure if there was enough room in dc to set up a nice sized greenhouse, someone would do it.

            I know the DNA genetics guys out in Cali use greenhouses. best of both worlds… power of the sun along with HID lighting for the cloudy days.

      • wdc

        I grew up in two climate zones to the north, and had a neighbor who grew 10 foot plants outdoors in the summer. There’s a reason it’s called “weed”. It grows fast, and in all kinds of conditions. Now, I don’t know anything about getting the desired product from the plant, but I can assure you that the plant grows.

    • Anonomnom

      You can grow outdoors in DC legally. But as Stack said, it might be difficult actually growing them due to our climate.

      • Anon

        No, the law specifies that it can only be grown “within the person’s principal residence,” which does not include outdoors.

      • Roc

        In my experience the climate was not a problem. I grew outside atop my garage roof in Mt. Pleasant. The plants were flourishing and weeks away from harvest when they were removed by a thief.

  • DCinDC111

    Interesting that they mention their disabled and elderly clientele and yet neither place is wheelchair accessible


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