• Tired_OF_Schaefer_

    Gina Schaefer and her “MOM & POP” Hardware stores are Ruining communities.

    • [rrrrr]

      Context? I love Logan Hardware and am excited to have a store even closer to me.

    • OP Anon

      LOL wut?
      Yeah, because Adams Morgan really had a surplus of mom & pop hardware stores before this opened. I’m glad I no longer need to trek across the bridge or down to 14th Street to get some basic home improvement stuff.

      • NotABot

        There’s always been Old School Hardware in MtP not too far from this location. You would not need to trek to Woodley or to Logan if you went there instead. Also, a real mom and pop hardware store.

        • saf

          Always? It’s really pretty new.

      • Nancy

        There was a great hardware store on 18th, and the Ben Franklin store, and … well back in the 80s Adams Morgan was actually a neighborhood for everyone. Miss that.

        • saf

          That’s when I lived there.

    • What in the world are you talking about? Her stores are amazing and I love having one nearby in Takoma Park so I don’t have to drive to get basic home repair stuff. The staff there are always so nice and knowledgeable and the store is really active in the community, they do Art Hop, Pajamarama, have DIY classes, donate lot’s of stuff to Community Forklift, donate to schools, and, most importantly, had ice melt and shovels after the blizzard! Talking with some of the guys there, I know they make sure to employee people from the community and work with a local nonprofit called Jubilee Jobs to hire many people who have been incarcerated, homeless, in recovery, etc.

    • Anon

      Please explain how opening a retail establishment in a retail zoned location, hiring local residents,providing a fair wage, and providing benefits is ruining a neighborhood.

  • Anon

    I am very excited to have this open in the neighborhood! When we were doing renovations on our house, it was difficult to get to the hardware store without a car. Walking here will be much easier.


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