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Trump Hotel will open at the Old Post Office in September

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2016 at 10:09 am 48 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

From a press release:

Trump International Hotel, Washington, D.C. will open in September 2016 dramatically ahead of schedule. With its opening, the Nation’s Capital will now be home to an iconic and historic super-luxury hotel rivaling the best of other international capital cities.

“For decades people have looked in wonderment at the magnificence of the Old Post Office building and structure. There is nothing like it and we are so proud to have not only brought this incredible building back to life, but also to a position far greater than it ever was at its previous zenith. It was an honor to have dealt with the professionals at the General Services Administration. It was their total passion and hard work that helped bring this unrivaled project to fruition,” says Donald J. Trump.”

Ed. Note: Still waiting to hear which restaurants will be accompanying the hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW…

  • tom12hours

    The timing of the hotel opening is intriguing. Could it have something to do with the election cycle? Nah, just a coincidence…

    • andy2

      There is a part of me that thinks his whole campaign is in part related to promotion for this – or at least when he implodes he’ll spin it that way.

      • Anon

        His entire campaign is just one huge publicity stunt for the Trump brand. One that’s been very, very successful at raising his brand worth up to this point. (I’m convinced that Trump has zero chance of actually becoming president and that he’s fully aware of that.)

        • ClevelandDave

          What in the world leads you to think this campaign has benefited or increased the appeal of the “Trump brand?” If I owned a condo in a “Trump Branded” property I’d be screaming to have the name changed.

          • Anon

            This isn’t about just you, Dave. I doubt too many people who already owned in a Trump building gave much thought to his drivel.

  • stacksp

    No thanks

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I wonder if President Trump will have his own private suite there.

    • anon

      Top floor, looking down on the white house. Sounds like something he would do.

      • Brett M

        While staying in the penthouse, he’d also try to rent out the White House to the highest bidder. People would pay insane amounts per day to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom and work from the Oval Office. More government revenue.

        • anon

          You just made me consider Trump. He might be the first president to tell Congress that the Height ACT is nonsense and we should build density in the district.

  • Kingman Park

    They should make it a polling station in November :P

  • Anon
  • palisades

    Say what you want about him, but this project has moved quickly and without any real problems (other than the restaurant debacle)

    • Kingman Park

      Not really his fault though, as much as people want to blame him for it. He’s not the one who pulled out of the deal.

      • palisades

        haha depending on who you ask, some might say that was his fault. But I agree, he couldn’t have really predicted that.

      • Accountering

        Hah, the restaurant debacle was 100% his fault. He made the choice to be a racist jerk, and it came back to bite him in a city that doesn’t tend to like racism.

        • prgkmr

          I’d say this city tends to like racism just fine actually….

          • Anon

            Heh… Tough, but fair.

        • ClevelandDave

          With respect, he was a racist jerk before all this. JA got into this knowing full well who he was dealing with, he just didn’t realize how “hyuge” a problem it would be.

          • AJSE


      • v

        totally his fault. glad think food group wasn’t pandering to his ridiculousness. enjoy your meal at BLT since you seem to be in agreement with his statements on minorities.

        • dcd

          “since you seem to be in agreement with his statements on minorities”
          Not sure where you got that – have comments been deleted? Or is this really supposed to be response to Kingman Park’s comment?

    • Los

      Other than the one time they hit a gas main line and the IRS building had to be evacuated

    • west_egg

      My understanding is that The Donald isn’t actually all that involved with these projects — he basically leases his name to the operators, from what I’ve read.

  • nc3

    No thanks!

  • Is there any update in regards to the retail? I remember he was trying to court Tiffany’s and other high-end retail, but haven’t heard much lately.

  • stcohi

    “It was an honor to have dealt with the professionals at the General Services Administration.” I can’t tell if whoever wrote this press release is really good or really bad at their job.

    • Anon

      “to have dealt with the professionals”

  • anon

    Glad he’ll have a place to stay if he comes to Hillary’s inauguration.

    • dcd

      Water balloons raining down from the penthouse . . .

    • Dan

      Don’t tell this to Bernie Sanders. LOL

  • Accountering

    Regardless of the man, this is great news. It will be another very nice hotel downtown, provide a lot of jobs, and bring in a lot of tax revenue. Much better than the building just being basically empty. Overall a win for the city, the federal government, and Trump.

    • JB

      I agree, but just wish it could have happened without being a win for Trump! I’m very conflicted about checking it out (e.g., restaurants there). On the one hand, I love that it is a fantastic, and realistic, use of the Old Post Office Pavilion. On the other hand, I hate the idea of supporting Trump in any way whatsoever.

      • Anon

        You can check it out without spending a dime there, I’d think. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the space.

      • Accountering

        I will definitely check it out, and not spend a dime there.

  • AMDCer

    I wonder how they managed this – hotels NEVER open ahead of schedule (cough*Watergate Hotel*cough). I’m guessing some serious overtime/third shift work.

    • Anon

      Wasn’t the Watergate particularly tricky to build due to all the cantilevered structures? I wasn’t aware that there was anything particularly complex going on here. (Your point stands though – it’s pretty insane given the huge scope of work.)

      • AMDCer

        Yeah, and there was also the garage collapse at Watergate that set them back, but even before that they were running way behind schedule. Besides construction/renovation though, I’ve found even once staffed and presumably ready to accept reservations/guests, openings generally get pushed back and guests relocated to other hotels.

  • observer

    Whatever you think of the guy, I think this hotel is a dignified way of making a historic building become productive again. Lest anyone forget, for the longest time, this building was a vacant shell with a weird food court and then the clock tower exhibit.

    Historical preservation is easy enough to impose, but it’s more impressive when you turn the preserved building into a productive one.

    • Anon

      The building also housed a number of different Federal agencies (many/most of which then moved to the fancy new building right above the L’Enfant metro.

    • ClevelandDave

      Well, you know, before it was according to Trump a POS but now it is brought back to life, iconic, historic, super-luxury, to be looked up on with wonderment to be brought back to a position far greater than it ever was at its previous zenith. *barf*

  • o2bncdg

    I intend to walk through the public spaces and oooh and aaah at all the glitz, and then not spend a penny in there – to any hotel amenity or any restaurant. (And speaking of a penny, what happened to the “cent” sign on my keyboard? I’ve looked on the floor and it hasn’t fallen off).
    There it is! ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢ I found some!)

    • On Capital Heels

      Agreed! Same here!

  • JNo

    So how much does Trump take from the restaurant I wonder? We already have a BLT Steak anyway.

  • Your Name Here

    A friend had a hardhat tour of the place a couple of months ago and said it is going to be really nice. Trump’s kids run the hotels.


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