• ScienceTeacher

    Chad really didn’t want to miss the commercials during the Super Bowl. His roommates objected to the result.

    • Anons


  • akoyasyd

    What a shitty couch.

    • Mase


  • NorthbyNE

    After learning that he could reserve his freshly shoveled parking space with an old lawn chair after the blizzard, Bill decided he could also reserve his spot on the couch with an old toilet.

  • IDontGetIt

    I don’t care if it’s in Logan now; it’s still La-Z-Boy and it’s crap!

  • zandunga

    Penny – your shitting in my spot.

  • Ron

    Awesome Album Cover of the Week:
    Porcelain and Plaid

  • Brutus

    Wow, the seating design for the new metro trains really IS convenient!

  • Rachel

    One thrown to rule them all

    • Rachel


  • Sue

    The throne really needed the pedestal.

  • #Poo/Poo!7

  • Anonymoi

    “$1250/month – Lots of light, best location in North Shaw – steps to Metro, beer gardens, and the hottest restaurants! Partially furnished. Walls, roof, kitchen, dignity, and utilities not included.”

    • derp derp


    • Jessica


  • albany

    STUNNING 0BR/1BA with retro designs, in need of some TLC, sold AS IS, WHERE IS, $550,000. Contact DPW for location details, which are subject to change.

    • Jessica


    • Cleveland Park


  • MVT Woo

    Sh!t or get off the couch.

  • JustinBinDC

    “Sit and take a load off!”

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Introducing Ashley Furniture’s newest love seat: Numero Deux – For all the times you wish you could be together. Now, you don’t ever have to be apart. Hurry! Our President’s Day sale is almost over!

  • Ben’s Chili breaks another record for consumption to expulsion.

  • Ally


    • I Dont Get It


    • OP Anon


  • Editor

    Shit’s getting out of control in Bloomingdale.

  • madmonk28

    While Mayor Bowser has proposed many ideas that sounded promising, they tend to lack efficient execution. Her housing initiative, for example….

  • Alex

    Please don’t give Bob’s Furniture any bright ideas. Their commercials are crappy enough.

  • Jessica

    The latest in multi-function – get yours now! Available exclusively in the District of Columbia.

    • Jessica

      Ooops! I left out a word:

      The latest in multi-function furniture – get yours now! Available exclusively in the District of Columbia.

  • 13thandV

    Wow, these GOP debates have really gotten streamlined–now, rather than having to pass your eyeballs, they just inject the sh!t directly into your couch.

  • NWDC

    “Another john found in Logan Circle sting operation.”

  • Winner: Best invention 2016

  • Neonsparkles

    Perfect for your studio apartment in the Shay!

  • anonymous

    What a shitty way to couch surf.

  • DowntownJim84

    Sounds like a good Kickstarter campaign! LOL ;)

  • km1146

    DC primed and ready for House of Cards season 4.

  • hammers

    No Dumping

  • Me too

    Revamped bus stop for the DC Streetcar

  • russellupton

    Duchamp he is not.

  • steve

    What’s new on Pee Street?

  • JB

    Introducing the Poo-ton!

  • jenster8dc

    Squatty Potty, Deluxe Model

  • Airbnb express…breakfast not included.

  • 20th street

    “In this particular scenario, my sympathies lie solely with the toilet.”

  • Hungry

    A vacant seat on the Supreme Court is not as enticing as it used to be.

  • kellybelle

    Are you sure you grabbed the right Ikea boxes?

  • natefishes

    the life of pablo

  • Christian

    While the concept of Mayor Bowser’s affordable housing initiative was applauded, the execution left something to be desired.


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