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Nomad Yard Collectiv collaborating with MuleBone at 14th and V – Soft Opening Friday

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2016 at 10:40 am 11 Comments

14th and V Street, NW

From a press release:

Nomad Yard Collectiv will host a soft opening on Friday, February 12th at MuleBone located at 14th and V Street NW. Named after the 1930s collaborative play written by Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, Mulebone, Washington’s newest restaurant will open February 12, 2016. Soul & Ink, the brainchild of husband and wife design team Frankie and Sherry Meneses, will also be live-screen printing custom shopping bags. Soul & Ink provides an engaging, interactive art experience through the vintage process of screen printing. Located on 14th Street’s restaurant row, Mulebone will feature a new chef, mixologist, speakeasy, and an expertly curated vintage store. Nomad Yard at MuleBone is a model set to redefine the way you live, eat and shop in the Nation’s Capital.

“Mulebone will be an experience that will bring together the two Harlem Renaissance writers in one curated space with events, cuisine and libations that celebrate the vivacity of Zora and the consciousness of Langston,” said Andy Shallal, owner. Nomad Yard and Mulebone will host ‘Food and Folklore’events to combine the cultural and the culinary.Venn Frederic curated the space with unique vintage furniture, clothing, books and antiques that are all for sale.

courtesy Nomad Yard Collectiv

The collaboration will serve as a means to introduce Nomad Yard Collectiv and its cadre of expert vintage curators to the 14th Street community. Featured brands will include: Double R.L., Pointer Brand, Search and Rescue Squad, Uesa Goods Vintage, Dr. K’s Vintage and Kurated by Kizzy Evae among others. While the District is no stranger to vintage, the expansion caters to true vintage connoisseurs, as well as, those eager to develop an appreciation for luxury goods, curiosities and collectibles. ”Our mission is to make vintage a sustainable, relatable branch of fashion.”

Our partners carry an ever evolving collection of carefully selected vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, books, antique furniture, contemporary art and hand crafted goods whose stories are deeply influenced by people, passion and possibilities. Nomad Yard’s mission involves providing access to quality vintage, a space for ongoing dialogue designed to strengthen the community, innovative exhibitions, stylized pop-ups and a new generation of retail – all centered around community.

We strive to develop collaborations among artists, collectors, crafters, vintage retailers, connoisseurs and the community. Nomad Yard Collectiv will host it’s grand opening at Mulebone on March 31, 2016.”

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I walked by last night and noticed racks of clothing set up by the doorway. I guess that is the vintage clothing aspect.

  • petworther

    Well now nobody can argue that verbose, over-wrought press releases are the exclusive provenience of white businesses..

    • TinkerTaylor

      As the expert curator of an engaging collection of hand-crafted, verbose, over-wrought press releases, I’m thrilled by the prospect of representations from more diverse brainparents . . .

      I admire entrepreneurs and wish them well, but FFS – just straight out say what you mean.

    • skj84

      They didn’t go nearly as pretentious as some of the press releases I’ve seen posted recently. The fact that they refrained from using “curated” is a big plus in my book.

      • Chln

        “expertly curated vintage store…”

        • GabinSeattle

          I came here to comment about that!!! ridiculous!

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Finally! A place in DC where I can overpay for yard sale merchandise!!!

  • stacksp

    Double R.L is really quality denim. I have not heard of any of the other brands but good luck to them.

  • JOL

    Please, please, please, stop using Curator and Curated in reference to clothing stores, bars, and restaurants. If you buy secondhand clothes to sell in a shop, you are not a curator. If you are a bartender and make drinks, you are not a mixologist nor is your menu curated.

    Remember when people just went out to eat a restaurant?

  • This is Awkward

    Amidst all the verbosity, did no one think to list the time of this miraculous event?

  • DH

    Just came from Mulebone, the food is AWESOME! The atmosphere is cool. You can’t knock it and say all of these negative things until you try it!


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