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Adding Insult to Injury

by Prince Of Petworth February 17, 2016 at 10:10 am 28 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user washingtonydc

From MPD:

“Robbery Snatch- 8th and D Street, NW:

On today’s date [Tuesday], the complainant was at 8th and D Street, NW with her cellphone in her hand, when a group of teenagers approached her. A black female snatched her phone out of her hand and ran. Shortly afterwards, one of the males in the group came back and told the complainant that for $20, he’d get her phone back. The complainant went to the ATM and took the $ 20 out and gave it the male. The male took off with the money and caught up with the group and was last seen heading N/B on 8th Street, NW.

Anyone with additional information, please contact the 1st District Detective’s Office.”

  • AdMo Resident

    SHE GAVE HIM $20?!

    Even if this wasn’t an obvious scam, at least wait for him to return with the phone. Ideally she would have police waiting when he returned.

    • madmonk28

      If she was new to DC, or a tourist from another country, or small town, she might not yet have learned to be afraid and cynical when in Washington. This incident will probably do the trick, though.

  • ?!
    She’s lucky he didn’t snatch her purse too when she went to the ATM. The amount of petty crime that happens in Chinatown in the midst of a seemingly constant swarming police presence is somewhat alarming.

    • AdMo Resident

      These kids know that there is zero chance they’ll actually be punished if caught. Nobody in the DC justice system seems to be willing to come down hard on these punks.

      • Duponter

        It is as if the DC system has over-corrected the unfortunate over-incarceration rates we see elsewhere in the country. That said, let’s keep some perspective. Youth crime in DC pales in comparison today to what it was 20 years ago.

        • perspective?

          Yeah instead of hookers and crack everywhere we just have widespread brazen theft and assault with a police force afraid of policing- thank god DC is so much better now

        • Jeff

          Who cares what it was 20yrs ago. What we have now is still unacceptable. It is still not as safe as it could be and it’s IS getting worse.

          • AngelaGirken

            Exactly! DC wasn’t doing so hot 20 years ago, so why do some people think that’s at all relevant? Does anyone want to go back in that direction? The city has an opportunity to really make something of the recent population and economic growth, but I’m afraid the city council cares about the city’s future about as much as these criminals care about their own.

          • Wobber

            I agree this is unacceptable

          • madmonk28

            Amen, DC is using that time period as some kind of baseline and until we reach that point again, we don’t have to do anything. I was here then, it sucked. The problem is that a lot of our municipal leadership was here then too and they seem to be pretty comfortable with where we are. I just don’t see any leadership to get on top of the problem now before it gets worse.

        • Duponter

          I think telling you to have perspective is not the same as telling anyone to think it is okay. I’m not sure how long you have lived here, but there was a great deal more going on with black youth in DC in the 90s than crack and hookers.

          DC is better, any way you cut it. No one is saying it can’t be even better. There are worse experiences than having your iPhone stolen. But I know that is the greatest hardship so many white millennials in DC face, so we should keep the focus on that.

          • SilverSpringGal

            Have to say that was funny. I agree that sometimes looking at it now versus then is a good perspective.

          • I

            probably could have just left it at “…greatest hardship so many millennials in DC face…”. not sure what skin color has to do with your stereotypical view of a generational cohort.

          • AdMo Resident

            You mean DC taxpayers and voters.

            DC has changed for the better. Let’s keep it going in that direction.

        • Alex

          Duponter – youth crime is down, but juveniles are still well represented in crimes rates in DC.

          Juveniles make up 7% of all arrests which may not seem significant until you consider individual categories of crime:
          45% of robberies
          45% of carjackings
          35% of burglaries
          22% of overall violent crimes.

          There are no reliable stats in recidivism, but common sense would suggest that these same kids are “frequent flyers”.

  • stacksp

    Timeout !!

  • Dognonymous

    That’s impressively brazen. 8th and D always has people walking around–three apartment buildings right there, Teaism, Plan B, the Partisan, a bunch of people walking their dogs. Then again, I don’t know why they wouldn’t be brazen given the total lack of consequences.

    • gabeyo

      Its also close to the police headquarters which is next to the District Court. If you have ever been to the the family court entrance you wouldn’t be surprised by these stories. Its the same ol’ same ol in the District.

    • Duponter

      More importantly, it’s also near the Metro entrance, which is probably why that’s a good spot to lift an iPhone. Head for the train and get out of the area.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I used to think that DC could use an organization like the Guardian Angels, but now I’m thinking we’re gonna need some Hell’s Angels.

    • stacksp

      DC used to have the Guardian Angels and the Red Hat Patrol on high traffic corners with big strobe lights in the air. They used to do the policing when MPD was overburdened with all the murders when i was growing up. Like clockwork we had the Red Hat Patrol on Rock Creek and Warder St in front of the corner store.

    • Dan

      It was maybe 7 years ago, but we also had Peacaholics. I think they ended up having to answer for mismanagement of grant funds at some point, but I believe their effect public safety was right on target. Didn’t they clean up crew rivalries in Shaw for a while?

      Like the recent proposal to offer stipends to stay out of trouble (and like the proposals to turn up the heat on juvenile offenders), fighting crime can have its “gray areas.”

    • AngelaGirken

      The Guardian Angels are active in DC again. I haven’t seen one in person, as far as I know.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        This is good to hear.

    • jumpingjack

      I saw a Guardian Angels-like group in August/September on Barracks Row (I was standing in line for Rose’s Luxury). I talked to some of the men who said they were there to make a safe space for and support the kids on their first week of school, which I thought was great.
      Then one of the guys in line behind me returned and told us that one of those kids just snatched his phone from his hand as he walked down the street. He was able to chase the kid and get his phone back. But the whole situation kind of made my head (or, more accurately, my liberal guilt) hurt.

  • atlas

    The victim should contact BASIS DC, since it is likely that the children are students there based on the address. http://www.basisdc.org/ May be able to recover the stolen phone?

    • jaybird


    • MRD

      Uh, yeah. What makes that likely? I seriously doubt Basis students have time or inclination. There are LOTS of kids hanging around that area.


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