• Funny, the Columbia Heights Giant was also out of onions last night, but it wasn’t busy and there was plenty of milk, bread, toilet paper, etc. Is there an onion shortage we haven’t heard about???

    • MPinDC

      Two weeks ago that Giant was out of whatever kind of onion I was looking for. Red onion? Produce guy said they’d had trouble with delivery.

    • DF

      Yep, few days in a row at the CH Giant. First time I’ve ever bought a white onion!

    • JohnH

      The Giant on O Street has had a shortage on plastic bags for like the last 6 months. A few times I have gone they have literally been out – how does a supermarket not have bags? And yes, I get plastic bags to re-use for other purposes, not to throw away.

  • LP

    Oh, Washingtonians. Don’t you know you need toilet paper, milk and bread?? FYI – for those panicking over onions – there are frozen ones…

    • Anon

      Onions are a staple, IMO. They’re a base for just about everything.
      Bread and milk, not so much.

    • dcd

      “FYI – for those panicking over onions – there are frozen ones”

  • caphill324

    While I do not doubt my fellow Washingtonians ability to panic in the face of an impending snow storm (or a couple of flurries for that matter, Harris Teeter is not known for abundance. I once stopped by the AdMo HT for green beans on a random Wednesday in July. They were completely sold out of green beans. The Navy Yard HT had 5 onions on Saturday night – 4 after I left, I was making stew. But yesterday, the Potomac Ave HT had an abundance of onions. I feel like HT being out of something is just a sign that you went to HT and nothing more.

  • textdoc

    P.S. No mo’ “AdMo,” please!

    • Anons

      Just say no to admo

      • textdoc

        This slogan has a nice ring to it. :)

    • dno

      AdMo! AdMo! AdMo!

  • Rich

    I guess people are making chili or something else that requires a few onions. In Atlanta, it’s water that goes quickly. leave it to DCers to pick something less practical, but at least onions keep if the power goes out.

    • Anon

      Does everything require onions? Most of the things I make start with sautéing them (though I guess they could be left out in the event of an onion shortage). Oddly I don’t really associate them with chili, although I guess I do the same thing for that.

      • msus

        In my household, at least one kind of onion plus garlic seems to be a requirement for all our meals.

    • dcd

      With buried power lines, DC residents aren’t concerned about the power going out – they want to be sure to have enough tasty food to munch on. In my house, we have the fixings for stew, sauce with meatballs, sausage, etc., chocolate chip cookies, a truly terrifying amount of nachos, and homemade bread. I need onions for two of those things.

      • textdoc

        Power lines aren’t buried in a lot of the District (maybe even most of it?). This topic comes up every time there’s a power outage that results from aboveground lines.

    • Q

      Psha. I for one am excited to hole up for the weekend alternately making stew, baking cookies, and shoveling. I’m serious! I love cooking and never have time to make these long-cooking recipes. And nothing tastes better after an afternoon of shoveling than a tasty homemade stew and glass of whiskey. (I’m surprised the liquor store wasn’t cleaned out!)

  • Skj84

    The Noma Harris Teeter had plenty yesterday. I bought one in case I make soup on Friday.

  • vered

    Let them eat leeks.

    • VarnumGuy

      Ha! This made me laugh.

  • Maj. Over

    If I told those fools once I’ve told them a thousand times, NEVER RUN OUT OF ONIONS!!!!!!!!

  • JohnH

    The Whole Foods on P Street was full of even more rude, selfish people than usual tonight.

    • Whole Foods shopper

      That place really does take the cake for insufferable people.

  • MM

    Still a lot of produce and the like at Safeway. ;)

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I have three large yellow onions in my pantry. Bidding starts at $20.

  • eggs

    I saw quite a few posts from friends at grocery stores in NoVA where the entire dairy section had been cleaned out. I saw at least three different places like this. Every single kind of cheese, people? Really?

  • Jennifer

    Blizzard =/= vampiropocolypse


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