The Olive Oil Boom of 2015 continues into 2016

by Prince Of Petworth January 15, 2016 at 10:10 am 6 Comments

3414 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Cupcakes, Frozen Yogurt, Doughnuts, Olive Oil remains hot in the District! Next up – Ah Love Oil & Vinegar – coming to the new Cathedral Commons development next to the Starbucks on Wisconsin.

Their website says:

“Cary Kelly first ventured to Europe in 1979 and was awakened to a lifestyle based on fresh flavors, local and natural ingredients, and simple recipes; all common in European homes. Her souvenir was three bottles of fruity, green Italian olive oil and a hunger for fresh, wholesome foods full of flavor.

Cary has continued to feed that love of fresh wholesome cuisine as she has traveled the world. Her favorite region is the Mediterranean, the heart of olive production. Olive oil, like wine, changes with the soil, temperature and milling of its country of origin and is meant to be experienced to find what most pleases your palate and suits your recipe. Balsamic vinegar, from Modena, Italy, is a rich, sweet and pungent elixir that bursts forth with flavor without adding calories. Authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena is not an easy find; most grocery store offerings are colored with caramel and weak and thin in flavor. It’s possible you’ve never tasted the real thing. You’ll fall in love.

Ah love invites you into a warm Mediterranean country farmhouse environment showcasing flavorful foods made only by small-batch producers. We like to know who is behind our food offerings; to touch the hands that made the food. We seek out small producers who make food bursting with fresh flavor, use natural ingredients, and design their delectables with integrity, honesty and creativity. Come taste!”

They currently have locations in Virginia and Union Market.

Side note: Allure Spa is coming too…



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