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  • Philippe Lecheval

    LOVE the new paint job. Did they just do it? I didn’t think it was like that when I drove past it a few days ago.

  • Egad

    Does anyone know when they plan to have their Voice-O-Graph up and running? Every time that I’ve been there, they say that it is slated to be repaired but they don’t know when.

    • We’re still working on it : /, but never fear it’ll be live soon – we’re waiting on one more part. It’s a fragile antique, but we’re making progress with Voice-O-Graph extraordinaire Bill Bullman. We’ll be sure to get the word out when it is.

      • Egad

        Thank you for the update! I can’t wait to see it back in action!

  • siz

    looks rad! way to snazz up the block a little.

  • AdmoDan

    Passed it this weekend and loved the new paint job. So much better than Z-Kabob!

  • Bob

    I miss Bob.

    • You’re still up on the inside of the Cafe!

  • lms



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