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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 9:30 am 74 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • UDPie

    Rave: Yoga last night was so good. I have a new student unlimited pass and I have been two-three times/week now and it’s been great. Not sure if how it fits into my workouts for the future but it’s working for right now.
    Rant: Getting started. I have two important pieces to write for work but all the frustration and bureaucracy and little things keep getting in the way. With day two of telecommute this week, you’d think I’d be able to buckle down and ignore but alas, I’m not.
    Rave: Really enjoying Infinite Jest but…
    Rant: It’s a mammoth book and while I love the writing and the characters are fascinating, I’m afraid I’m not picking up what he’s putting down. Wondering if I should sneak a peek at some reading guides (I’m 300 pages +100 pages of footnotes in) but feel like I should be open to the discovery and confusion.

    • Caroline

      Rave: Same rave as your first rave. I think I’ll have to buy a membership once the unlimited month expires.
      Rant: Metro was a mess this morning; I almost turned around and went home.

      • Caroline

        Also there was no shoveling done in Arlington, and the buses weren’t running so I had to walk the whole way in the street. Makes me proud of my neighborhood where the sidewalks were completely cleared by Sunday morning.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Thanks for inspiring me, I really should get my butt back in gear and get to yoga class, I’ve just been so tired and trudging through the snow /dodging ice is pretty much the last thing I want to do right now!

      • Anon Spock

        Then wait until the weather is better. I’m sure you won’t turn into pudding before then. :)

      • UDPie

        It’s been a great option for exercise and stretching while the weather is so bad! If you can get to it, I’ve found it really nice (and tough!). Then again, I live around the corner from a yoga studio so it isn’t a rough commute :-)

  • SparklyKittyTacos

    ?: You know cabin fever has hit when you start doing the stanky leg in front of your dog.
    Rant: A lot of friends who rose up the ranks with me in my last job are unemployed right now. I should have listened when I was looking for jobs post-college and people told me print journalism is dead.
    Rave: SO has been off work since last Thursday, is off through at least Wednesday and possibly through the week. We’ve been super productive around the house and *finally* painted the bedroom and are getting rid of a lot of junk we don’t need anymore.

    • Clueless

      Dying of laughter over the stanky leg comment.

  • artemis

    Rave: I made it to work without falling down!
    Rant: I really wish people would shovel the curb cut outs on residential streets. My block was well cleared, but then I have to scramble over snow to cross the street and to get on the bus.
    Rave: I am actually glad to get at work today. I was going a bit stir-crazy in the house with just the cat for company. Also, cabin fever dusting and vacuuming really, truly are terrible for my allergies.

    • anonymous

      FWIW, even if they do shovel them, every time a plow comes by, it fills them back in.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Rave: Feeling mostly productive at work, even if I am currently overwhelmed.
    Rant: I feel awful. Terrible cold or something, I feel like I’m drowning in my own mucus and all I want to do is sleep!
    Rant: Older cat ate too much / too fast at dinner, then threw everything up right before bed. Which meant that she woke me up at 4 a.m. because she thought she was starving. Bitch.

  • Revel: lots of good things in the news today
    Revel: my street is finally clear. Too bad for people who are parked on my street though
    Rant: roommates seem slightly upset that I didn’t clear a path for the trash cans. They can deal.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Finally home after spending the last 4 days in a hotel or at work. Sigh.
    RANT: Coworkers who thought their cars could make it to work Saturday morning from the hotel, thus forcing me to help them dig out their stupid cars.
    RAVE: I got 2 Miss Marple books read, and an Ursula K. Le Guin.

  • Rave: trip to DC called off for today – whew
    Rave: My son has school today. He was officially socially deprived between being home with RSV and now the snow.
    Rant: Giving kid antibiotics for double ear infections is awful. Amoxicillin tastes amazing kid!
    Rant: People who send their kids to school sick. It’s seriously ridiculous. These are the same parents upset that school was closed yesterday when every other school here was, too, because it was inconvenient.
    Rave: chicken tacos in the crock pot for tonight.
    Rave: Watched all 6 episodes of Catastrophe – hilarious.

    • FridayGirl

      Semi-related to your rant: I heard about so many nasty bugs/colds/flus/etc. going around last week that my one hope for this long weekend of snow days is that it breaks the spreading-the-germs cycle. Ugh!

      • my son got a nasty case of RSV that landed him in the hospital and a take home nebulizer (which, if you think he’s not a fan of taking the antibiotics….!). I told the teacher I felt like the only parent who keeps her kid home at the start of a possible illness. I get it, not everyone has a support system nearby (I didn’t when I was in DC), but I’m like it’s your job as a parent to have a back up plan. It sucks, but it’s true. Same goes for school closures. So frustrating. I’m lucky, though, bc this is only his second stay-home illness. His nanny share was great for being sick because we left it up for all three of us to decide who would be home and who wouldn’t. So he got sick, but was able to be cared for anyway and the other little boy and him shared germs with the understanding that it happens eventually.

    • AJSE

      Love Catastrophe!! Can’t wait for the new season.

      • I’ve got a crush on the male lead now

        • AJSE

          Ha, understandable. Also, I’ve been meaning to thank you for (and I believe it was you…correct me if I’m wrong) your persistent support of the Nail Saloon. I finally went last week and I LOVE it.

          • YAY! I’m a zoya and RGB polish convert. RGB Red is one of the best reds ever

    • +1000000 to your second rant. I’m surprised I don’t get sick more often than I do. I guess working in a petri dish has built up my immunity

    • wdc

      Any idea when the next season of Catastrophe will be available? I looked a few weeks ago and didn’t find any info…

      • I read that the possibility is April because season 1 was released 6 months after it came out in the UK

  • Anon for this

    Rant: spent Friday through Sunday snowed in at my boyfriend’s house and realized that I really needed to get out of the relationship. I broke up with him yesterday and neither of us are taking it well.
    Rant: started a new job only three months ago and am still trying to fit in with the culture, so I came into work today even though technically we’re closed because my boss said “it’d look good.” No one else is here. I’m leaving at 1.
    Rant: Justin’s Cafe left their furniture out and hasn’t shoveled their sidewalk at all. It was a mess trying to get around them to the metro. I love them, but come on guys.
    Rave: Josh Abbott Band on Thursday!

    • Anonynon

      Rant #1 – What made you realize that?

    • special_k

      Breakups hurt, even when they’re the right thing to do. You’ll learn from this relationship what worked for you and what didn’t. Take care!

    • SinSA

      Oh no, to your first rant. I’m so sorry.
      Rant 2: Good for you!!

  • anonymous

    RANT: To the two “neighbors” on the back side of my alley who shoveled the snow from their parking pads into the middle of the alley instead of clearing the alley like the rest of your neighbors, you suck!
    RAVE: To my neighbors who cleared the sidewalks so it was easy to get to the metro since I couldn’t move my car, great job!

  • MPinDC

    Rave: Made it to the gym yesterday
    Rave-ish: La Caprice was open so I replenished any calories I burned at the gym (and then some)
    Rave: Snow day today = bread baking day
    My street is unplowed but vehicles are still trying to navigate it – small cars, big vehicles all getting stuck. And although DC gov may not be ticketing for unshoveled sidewalks, I saw the police giving a ticket to someone who got stuck going the wrong way down a one way street.

  • kl00t

    Rant: The bank, dry cleaners, and nail salon were closed yesterday, so that’s three more things I have to do tonight before heading out of the country.
    Rant: Realized last night that I don’t actually own a suitcase. Gonna have to pack my business clothes in my hiking backpack that is still sorta muddy.
    Rave: The snow has made everyone crazy because we can’t get the work done we need to get done, but it’s also sort of given my office a feeling of zen, which is a miracle considering we have less than six days to go before our huge event in Addis.
    Rave: It’s going to be warm and sunny in Ethiopia!
    ?: Cross your fingers there aren’t problems getting to Dulles tomorrow morning!

    • kl00t

      Oh and I forgot:
      Rave: friend I haven’t seen in over a year is coming to DC today for a job interview tomorrow! Really hoping this means he and his girlfriend will move to DC!

    • Anon Spock

      Is target, marshals, etc on the way anywhere? Plenty of places to buy luggage or a simple bag. I got my main bag from buffalo exchange in fact.

    • Caroline

      On that note, can anyone recommend a good luggage set? My girlfriend needs a new one.

      • artemis

        Samsonite or Swiss Army.

        • I Dont Get It

          Do you mean Swiss Gear? I love mine and got them at Target.

      • AliceInDC

        My fiance has an obsession with Travelpro but I think my Samsonites from Tjmaxx are just as good.

      • It’s Just Me

        I’ve loved my eBags brand bags. Their TLS bags are wonderful. Really well planned out. You can only buy them through their website, but they have easy returns.

  • Rant: Day 5 stuck in the house with a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to not worry about figuring out how to get to work amidst the snow drifts, but both of us are going really stir crazy. I want to go walk around Target just to get out of the house, but can’t easily get there at the moment.
    Rave: Most of the time she has been agreeable, and I haven’t had to do too much in terms of telecommuting. I am finding new ways to keep her entertained.

    • I feel your pain – being stuck at home with a toddler is really, really no fun. the other day I walked to get coffee even though it wasn’t cleared because I needed to be gone. Hopefully all is back to normal tomorrow!

      • Oh, I totally did that too. I walked to CVS yesterday just to get a few minutes of alone time and to leave the house. I can’t take her to play in the snow because she has some lung issues, so we have literally been inside our rowhouse for 5 days. Today, I am admittedly letting her watch way more TV than I otherwise would because I just need a few minutes to chill.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I really thought work would be open today.
    Rave: got a little extra sleep to make up for the cat waking me up 3 times last night.

    • Quotia Zelda

      So did I. TBH, I’d rather be in the office.

      • Emmaleigh504

        me too

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Doing some decluttering and organizing.
    Rave: Also working on the taxes, which I actually enjoy.
    Rave: Ice dams seem to have melted away. There is no longer water dripping inside my kitchen window frames.

  • DC Rez

    Rant: DC asking FEMA for $$ for snow removal (hah!), in my neighborhood, local neighbors did way more to clear out than DC gov. I watched 4 DC employees spend 1.5 hours doing nothing and then 10 minutes of actual plowing. Then they buried all our crosswalk/wheelchair ramps under mountains of snow. School tomorrow, you’ve got to be kidding, most side roads are either not plowed or one lane only. Can you imagine all the drop off moms fighting for road access tomorrow morning at 8? And still pretty much no on-street parking anywhere in the city. Schools should be closed!

    Rant: Did they catch the Petworth serial shooters yet?

  • NOMA resident

    Rave/rant: after having power through the whole blizzard, our apartment building finally lost power today and our generators kicked in. So, we’ve had continuous power, but our apartments smell like diesel. Yuck.

  • marigold

    Rant: If I never have to see snow again for the rest of the winter that would be too soon.
    Rave: My job has been cool about letting me work from home.
    Rave: Even had time to start on my taxes!
    Rant: My job sent me two W2s a blank one for MD with only the state info filled in and a full one for DC….my tax software is a bit confused (as am I).

    • Anon Spock

      My job did something similar. I just combined them and add the md line on the fill in.

      • CHGal

        Yes, It’s possible that they just can’t print 2 lines of state inf

  • Hive: anyone have a plower they recommend? neighbors from old list serves are interested and I know of none

  • dcd

    Rant: Someone on our neighborhood listserve posted this on Sunday at 3:40 p.m.:
    Title: Did you not get your Washington Post?
    I am calling the Washington Post this afternoon to file a complaint that I did not get my paper yesterday and today. If anyone else is in the same situation as me, I can let them know that as well.
    I’m almost certain he wasn’t joking. Thankfully, the responses (some polite, some not) all took him to task, so there is some hope for humanity after all.

    • Anonamom

      My brother is a distributor for the Post. Trust me, if those people could delivery, they would. And yes, they get complaints ALL THE TIME for the most inane shit.

    • LedroitTigah

      That’s ridiculous.

      The previous owner at my place hasn’t cancelled or changed his subscription, so I asked them to stop delivery at my address (I travel and don’t want papers piling up). Even though they said they would, they still delivered during the storm (impressive).

    • I Dont Get It

      I got my Saturday, Sunday and Monday Post today. I also got the Sunday New York Times which I don’t subscribe to.

      • textdoc

        “I also got the Sunday New York Times which I don’t subscribe to.” Excellent!
        (Didn’t you once have some extra-cultured rats who were using the NYT for reading/nesting material? Maybe it was their subscription.)

  • Anonamom

    Rave: The dogs have had a blast playing in the snow with the other neighborhood dogs. It’s been like one big puppy playground while everyone was out shoveling.
    Rant: Our dogs now stink. They both need baths terribly bad.
    Rant: Teleworking. Would very much prefer to be in the office right now!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Wildly varying interpretations of what closed means when an org follows the Fed closing policy but is transitioning to a mobile workforce. Uhm…HR please update your polices.
    Rave: Looking at recipes for for green chili posole pork stew but
    Rant: Not sure TJs will have all the ingredients.
    Rant: Still have days and days worth of Rants and Raves from the Florida trip!
    Rant: Still mad I missed the big snow but IDGI SR enjoyed the fact that my sister and I visited at the same time. Also, it was the first time she had visited Florida as an adult without kids or grandchildren so we did adult things like go to strip clubs. Okay, Orlando Museum of Art and IKEA*.
    *Hey the nearest one to her is 250+ miles

    • I Dont Get It

      Another Florida Rant: Unpacking and the inside of my suitcase smells like vodka. Whoops!

    • wdc

      I appreciate the rationing of the Florida stories. Something to look forward to!

  • FridayGirl

    Rave: It’s going to be really nice to have such a short week at work this week…
    Rant: … especially since my supervisor still doesn’t seem to know what to have me do. She previously suggested that I start a research project, so I was looking into possible topics the other day and she told me that wasn’t real work — but again, didn’t give me any tasks. -_- Only a few more months.
    Rave: Despite that, I’m really ready to go back. I feel so cooped up. Maybe I’ll even go to the gym today again…

    • It’s never too late to start your new year resolutions. I’m seriously considering starting my new year resolutions from 2014 this week.

  • fellowpetworthian

    Rave: My neighbors came over and helped me finish shoveling out the alley yesterday. It was greatly appreciated and I am so glad they live three doors away! Yay for neighbors!
    Rant: They were the only ones willing to come help me, and did I mention the husband is in his 70s. (Before anyone gets their hackles up, he is in fantastic shape!) None of my new (read, under 40 and bought their houses in the last year or two) neighbors even gave me a second glance, in fact they just walked by.

  • littlen

    Rant: Work held off on making a decision about whether the office was closed or not until 3 am… at which time we got an automated phone call telling us so. At 3 am. Grr. They sent out an email apologizing about that this morning. Between that and a snow plow scraping and beeping for several hours around 1 am which kept me awake despite ear plugs, I’m so tired!
    Rave: At least it meant I could sleep in and telecommute.

    • Interesting, I’d think that by 10 pm everything that was needed to be known was already known. Unless someone forgot to set up the call and woke up at 3:00 am

  • The OP Anon

    Does anyone know if 17th Street in Dupont is plowed and cleared? Need to take an Uber later today and trying to figure out the best route.

    • anon

      It is!

  • SinSA

    Rant: I think it is ridiculous that someone in a different state who is not familiar with this region is the guy who makes the call as to whether or not our firm is open. (We opened today, but not many staff are here).

    Confused rant/rave: weird, super eager date from last week never followed up, no answer to: “Just checking to see if we’re still on or if you’d rather reschedule” — so I’m relieved that we’re not going out again but confused. *shrugs* Oh well.

    Rave: My blizzard weekend was amazing. I’m lucky to have such good friends who live in my building. We had a great time.

  • Revel/Rant: Annnd they’ve closed school for tomorrow too. Winter break part 2!

  • Anon Spock

    Rant: Sick dog and no car.
    Rave: Friends who came in handy.
    Rant: Other friends are being ridiculous. I planned restaurant week now I’m expected to plan their parking too. Suggested a drive by to check conditions as if my street had been plowed. Ugh!
    Rant: Having to line up rides for the weekend just in case.
    Rant: Out of lunch after tomorrow. No idea what to make.
    Rant: I’m in a foul mood. This month needs to end already.

  • Rant: Silverlight plugin
    Rave: I can’t believe of all the preparations I took for the storm, I almost run out of coffee! Almost.
    Rave: Condo living and no car = No shoveling to do.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      good raves!

    • Anonoline

      I’ve been putting off scheduling a haircut for several weeks now because of Silverlight.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Potentially Ominous Rant: Went to TJs at lunch and on my way out, noticed my downspout is completely encased in ice. I actually can see through the ice in some places and can see water tricking down the drainpipe. Yikes! I see no water seepage in my ceilings but since this downspout also drains my neighbors house, it’s always alarming.

    • I Dont Get It

      Oops by drainpipe I meant downspout.


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