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  • Call me EXCITED!!

    This is co COOL!! A real breakfast place and bagels in the U street area. This made my month. I know a place on U by 11th (maybe 12th) has a sign for almost 6 months for a bagel place but has yet to open. And good riddance the U Street (overprice bad food) Café has left as well. Really looking forward to toasting (get it!) the new place with a Bagel and schmear.

  • RVAtoDC

    I hope this is good… would be a great addition to the area.

  • tomindc

    What’s a croissant muffin?

  • Rich

    It’d be nice to have a decent rye bread. That seems to be something DC really lacks.

  • jcd

    The baker previously worked there for Cakelove, and ran the bakery on an experimental basis from there starting a few months after the Bullfrog popup. I had Bread Bite’s bagels and a loaf of bread and liked them both. I look forward to going back there now that they are full time. They’re closer to me than Bethesda Bagels in Dupont, and will likely have a bigger selection than what Bullfrog offers at Smucker Farms.

    • HillM01

      +100 We (my two kids, husband and I) went there almost daily when Bread Bite had its pop up w/in Cakelove. We can’t wait for this place to return. The bagels are great and the bread the best we’ve had in DC. Yeah!!!

  • U Street Resident

    Nice, but it’d be great if they distinguished themselves from Bullfrog by carrying Whole Wheat Everything bagels!

    • Arbusto Robusto


  • BMouse

    *EXCITE* We are dying for a bakery around here. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Arbusto Robusto

    A bakery! Finally!


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